5 Ways to Get a Girl

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50 Responses

  1. @samshahan the fifth rule is to cry. it always wins

  2. #OMG

  3. #OMG #LOL

  4. I tryd this… It got me laid!

  5. #OMG#LOL

  6. #LOL

  7. HOLY HOTDOG!! That crying shit worked!!!

  8. that me ian
    HERE !! MEE E!!!!

  9. #OMG #LOL

  10. How to get A girl easyway: 1)Find A Girl What U Like And Knock Her Out While She Doesnt Look at you… 2)Whes Shes Knocked Take Her To Your Home Or Somewhere or fuck her alrady 3) When She Wakes Up Tell Her when u saved her from somebody.. :d and 4) U had a sex or finnaly got a girlfriend =P

  11. where´s the fifth rule?

  12. #OMG #LOL


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  16. OMG LOL

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  21. women eats food… xD

  22. #LOL


  24. LOL

  25. #OMG #LOL

  26. I just hate the phrase “get a life” because I obviously already have one; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to interact with me…

  27. @TheClassicalLiberal Right, like polygamy’ll ever be seen as normal here…

  28. I honestly despise people who tell me to “get a life” simply because I love science and enjoy discussing it with others. Science IS my life.

  29. @bucjason They see me trollin’

  30. Where have I seen you before? Were you in some documentary or something?

  31. heyy penn i saw ur show in england near chiswick u guys were A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!

  32. Fucking Genious. I love you.

  33. GET A LIFE !!! jk

  34. Exactly. That. Just. Happened. Haha. I agree, wholeheartedly with this. Why do people who think that they are essentially “normal” feel like they have to let everyone else know “if you’re not like me, you’re weird”. It’s just a load of bollocks. There is no standard of human normalcy. We’re all different, and that should be an inherent fact, not an excuse to alienate anyone with idiosyncasies, heaven forbid.

  35. Penn for president

  36. this was dedicated to me right?

  37. Is there gonna be a new season of bullshit next summer?

  38. when i say tell us what you really think to someone who just really goes off on something I mean it as a good thing.because it is not very often you meet someone with that kind of passion.and that’s good.because obviously they are saying what they really think.

  39. finally

  40. Penn and Teller

  41. Someone needs a life. Not going to say names.

  42. Hi Penn fans. Penn Says videos have been discontinued, so you won’t be seeing any new content on here. You can check out our Profile on our Channel Page for more info. We’ll still be checking in, so hope to keep chatting with you all! Thanks!

  43. Get a life bitch.

  44. This guy explains exactly how I feel. A couple months ago I was in my Art History class(I study Graphic Design) and the teacher was talking about Da Vinci and all the things he excelled at. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a girl muttering ” Oh .. that guy needs to get a life” and then a whole bunch of people laughing and agreeing with her. I guess she wanted Da Vinci to go to the Mall or the Club every weekend and update his facebook 24/7 instead.

  45. I’m with ya. Another thing like that I always hate and hated back in school is when somebody does a nice drawing or something and feels like they have to say they were really bored like to make an excuse for wanting to do something creative.

  46. I think to anyone who plays a video game all day or obsesses over an anime or goes to Star Trek conventions, more power to you for doing what you’re passionate about, and congratulations for finding something that brings you so much joy in your spare time. I don’t think that’s an adequate use of the phrase at all. I say get a life to bullies only. For example, the type of person who would tell a Trekkie to get a life. 🙂

  47. Get a life.

  48. @IbanezJFS I’m not Penn, I just help out with the comments, but that sounds like a good plan!

  49. My life consits of concert going to concerts, meeting bands, and autograph collecting. And I am proud to say that only 3 autographs I have (Out of my 100+ collection) came from Ebay. The rest I met. And Penn my Dad some day plans on taking me to Vegas and when he does…I cant wait to ad you and Teller to the collection.

  50. this is my all-time favorite pennsays video.

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