CNET Top 5: Best MP3 Players

The day of the MP3 payer may not be dead just yet, especially for those who go to the gym, or want to take their entire music library with them. In this week’s Top 5 we count down the best MP3 players.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses

  1. yeah right… ipod nano FTW

  2. @rgghgfnikolas900 i do agree with u, i love my ipod touch 4G 32GB, i used to have a zune HD before and i was not very happy with it.

  3. i love apple zune sucks anyways HAHA it should be number 5 instead of number 3

  4. i love apple

  5. I’m an apple fanboy but i still do like the zune HD alot

  6. @rgghgfnikolas900 i’m not even gonna read all that wall of text, you are out your mind. get your feet back to earth son.

  7. @GamesPlayer1 all of you fuckin idiots just say that apple products suck and that fanboys are stupid. unlike you, when I said that the ipod touch is better I explained why. you are not able to support your opinions, you are not able to explain why apple products are not good, as you think. look at all the comments!! almost all apple fanboys stood up for their opinion, while you and anyone else who hates fanboys just say bad things about them but you never stand up for your opinion ! u all suck !

  8. @rgghgfnikolas900 stupid fanboy. go masturbate with your sales bullcrap.

  9. ipod touch also outsells sony and nintendo gaming consoles COMBINED !!! most of you hate apple because all people buy apple products. and you keep saying that the only reason people buy them is because they are famous. but you never thought what made them famous. WHAT MADE THEM FAMOUS IS THEIR QUALITY !!! ipod touch was, is and will forever be the best mp3 player in the whole world so all of you who hate apple shut the fuck up !!!

  10. ipod touch 4g IS the best mp3 player. it supports all music and all video formats except divx. it has a 3.5 inch capacitive multitouch screen. it’s retina display is the best display that ever existed and that is proofed !!!! the itunes is the best games and multimedia service. the ipod touch supports thousands of games and apps. it offers 40 hours of music playback. it has wifi, bluetooth, front facing and rear camera, voice control, advanced maps and the best multitasking system ever.

  11. @xray174 LOL yeah and the Coby Mp836, thats a good mp3 touchscreen player too

  12. @ProManUnitedFan yes the fact that it is an apple does make it more reliable. have you ever owned an apple product? they dont get viruses, they work smoothly and so on. they also dominate the marked because they are top of the line and also dont cost much. Apple builds their product to last unlike all these othere companys who’s products break after a couple of years. I own a mac from 15 years ago and it is still running better then everything else out there on the market besides a new mac so.

  13. @brodyadamsthatsme Looks aren’t what makes a device better. It’s the performance. “the fact that it is an apple product makes it more reliable”? I’m assuming you’re an Apple dick rider as well who chooses looks over performance. Also, Zune has a longer battery life. Performance > Looks, dude.

  14. Wow.. the ignorance.. Ipod touch just won because of the itunes apps store..
    what does it got to do with quality sound , supports multiple formats
    battery life, expandable memory microsdhc.. cowon j3 should be in the top 5

  15. i own the ipod touch 4g and i m very happy with it

  16. you forgot for Cowon mp3 players !!!!

  17. k technically the I pods are not MP3 players because they have so much files in them to make sure that the song is bought on i tunes.
    a real mp3 is something you can buy music for on zune or stuff like that

  18. what abot the samsung p3 this is bullshit

  19. the new touch 4g is simply amazing.
    ..but don’t think i would buy a cheaper model, (nano, shuffle..) and have to endure the weakest part of the deal with apple: itunes on a windows 7.
    i find it slow and bloated, and the fact that i have to tag all my mp3s in order to build a playlist, since the ipod does not work on a folder structure basis is a big letdown.
    i can’t load a simple album cover unless i give my credit card number to apple?
    the hardware is marvelous, but the managing soft…

  20. @ProManUnitedFan no but the ipods look better then the zune and the fact that it is an apple product makes it reliable

  21. iPod Nano > Zune HD? WTF?!?!
    Does iPod have OLED screen? No.
    Does iPod have HD music playback? No.
    Does iPod have Wi-Fi? No.
    Does iPod have radio? No.
    Does Zune have all of these? Yes.
    Are CNET Apple fan boys? Yes.
    You could put a laptop against an iPod and the iPod would win.

  22. The nano over the Zune HD? Yeah go fuck yourselves…

    Ive seen Apple dick riding, but this is at it’s highest…

  23. dowlord music to mp3

  24. i only use ipods because of itunes store…


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