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This online CRM tutorial is designed for managers of support operations and shows the road to success with customer relationship management software. This demo provides details on how to effectively manage all aspects of customer service with the most adaptive, configurable CRM software that is currently available on the market. Learn how to provide proactive customer service, reduce response times and guarantee service levels. Discover how to gain a better initial understanding of customer issues and provide quicker troubleshooting for an improved customer experience. Explore how to ensure support staff is efficient, responsive, proactive and able to fully resolve customer issues. Gain insight into how to design, validate and automate business processes in real time, providing greater customer service. . Learn the answers to questions such as: What is a CRM system, what does CRM stand for, what is the definition of CRM, what is CRM pricing like, is there a CRM software package for small business, what are the advantages and disadvantages of web based CRM, how do you locate the best CRM consultant, and how do you sign up for a free CRM software trial? Learn about CRM systems from this tutorial for CRM hosted software and enterprise software users, as well as from white papers that can be downloaded for free at They discuss the challenges involved in managing a sophisticated support organization and the key strategies for dealing with those challenges.
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