How Much Money Do Celebrities Make?

Cenk and Ana give the facts and figures from some of your favorite celebrities’ wallets. Check out all that has to offer!

Gucci Mane – Never Too Much Money

50 Responses

  1. dr phil isnt really evena doctor 90 million whoa.

  2. dr phil isnt really evena doctor 90 million whoa

  3. dude with the scotch is ron white .. no one knows.. this wanna be news thing is totally racist.. “sounds like a rapper”… “the hick commendian”

  4. what the hell is a dog gonna do with money?
    i completely agree.

  5. Fuckin asshole 50 cent made in the 100 millions and p diddy he made about 300 million

  6. Holy fuk, directors make a lot.

  7. ana you could make millions.

  8. celebs make way too much money i work my ass off to the bone just to make 50k a year !! I honestly i think its a sin to make too much money for not even doing shit!!

  9. why don’t oprah donate 100m, its not like she need them, imagine how many people she can save….

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  11. are those guys just pretending to work in that room?
    i think so

  12. Hi TheYoungTurks

    I have just been watching your video and I must admit it really is very good.

    I really enjoyed watching it.

    Already looking forward to more of the same in the future.

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  13. lol cenk’s not feelin it only 17million lol but it all could be gone real soon

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  15. I just think you guys are talkin only about celebrities in a subject where other people also make huge quantities of money, CEOs and owners of companies and politicians also make a lot of money but you didnt talk about that.

  16. Yup. It sure would be. Even a couple hundred thousand would be a gift from heaven. Especially with the way things are now.

  17. that is absoutly ridiclious!! or however u spell it. lol.

  18. all of the amounts are still amazing for a normal person like me…you know earning millions of dollars in just a year is a blessing from heaven…

  19. ^^^^^^^
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  20. that is only howmuch she made in one year !!!!!

  21. What about Andreas J , he made 47 million dollars on just sitting on his ass and buy and sell stock on the internett:O

  22. 50 cent deserves more then oprah that fat bitch couldnt talk her way out of a paper bag anyway why is she a talk show host

  23. LMFAO nice. lets not compare our selfs and these freaking rich bitches 🙂 fuking Oprah has 260 millz pfft

  24. As their website states, “Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
    2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)”

    Some describe this web show as “Howard Dean meets Howard Stern”, but I prefer to think of them as the anti-fox news. We need more shows like this. Keep bringin’ the hard commentary, Young Turks!

  25. I liked it these news casters. THey rock. Why are they calld TheYoung Turks?

  26. Need a women here you go ** **


    never to much gucci gonna show OFF!
    drumma boy and gucci mane shawty finna blow out
    i mean shawty finna to blow me now
    40 goons with me right in here just to HOLD ME DOWN!!

  28. @gonenutz5150 wilt chamberlain

  29. You’ll never see another watch like this in your life

  30. Guccis new shit is whack but this song rides

  31. gucci all red so he shittin on the influence lmao

  32. @diasporadical haha i never understood that either man

  33. its just so true

  34. @gonenutz5150 It’s on the mixtape Gucci’s World 3

  35. its better with three six mafia lol

  36. If Anyone Would Help me, I Cant find the album that this track is on… Does Anyone Know?


  38. Gucci all red so he shittin on the infants?


  40. “He damn rite..neva too much neva to much money..we use to pump dis shyt every where we go cuz we kno we had dat doe


  42. @ammorgan21 Dhatt!!!!!!!!!

  43. yehhhhh burn. i woke up ballin and i went to sleep stuntin

  44. a ya boy neva too much money i want all the fuckn money

  45. Drumma Boy a master on tha track

  46. all the nigga’s in tha hood like Guccie Mane, when i walk in the streets with this song on every nigger bounce his head and say : yeah GUCCI MANE !!

  47. @EasterAshes i say SHIZNIT! im not otha ppl… myself get wit the @&#%$ PROGRAM!! nd m$ney is how i wanted to spell it! i used the money sign for the {O} dumass!

  48. @HerTink1 shiznit? who in da fuck sais that shit. and aint nobody ever i hear say m$ney.

  49. on some real shit drumma boy that nigga!

  50. qeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah boy!!!

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