How to get iPhone iPod Skype app in Canada

A quick tutorial showing you how to download Skype for your iPhone or iPod if you live in Canada. Skype app is not normally available in Canada due to patent issues.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Great Vid. Keep them coming. Soooo been wanting to do this. Thanks!!

  2. will it work if i live in france

  3. But you are lying?

  4. gah it worked last night

    Now is get that stupid msg
    3G networks are currently now allowed due to contractual restrictions

    How do I fix this 😦

  5. I have iTunes v8.2.0.23 and I know v8.2.1 is out now. HOWEVER, on my PC, running VISTA, I got the email back from Apple asking me to verify my account by clicking on the link. I used Firefox, Internet Explorer, and finally Safari but none worked. All got errors. Then I fired up my Mac and it worked flawlessly.

  6. yah i did.. and maybe ur right.

  7. Did you upgrade to the latest version of iTUNES?

    If so, I wonder if that’s why you have this problem of not having the “none” option anymore.

  8. the dont have the None option anymore =

  9. You when you sync skype into your ipod it gives you an error message just download Skype in your iphone using the app store of the iphone, not in the computer.
    Than sign out from your USA account in itunes, log in the Canadian account. Now you can sync in everything, it gives no error message =D

  10. The same happens to me??

  11. when i put my email in itunes i wait and wait, but i don’t et the email. I tried to resend the email but still no email. What is Wrong??

  12. sent u a message

  13. Thanks bro!!!

  14. youtube is becoming my new google. reading the instruction on how to do this were not that easy to do (it’s probably just me) but the video was the BOMB! took 5 mins (had to make a new email)

    thanks MacFromTO

    (GO HABS!!)

  15. go oilers

  16. thx , ayeeh
    but ther eis a nothe r way to do it , i jailbroke mune and went to an app called icy , that works just like itune store, but all thre paid software is for free. works fine

  17. I got Skype now, eh!

  18. Use skype with Iphone… on 3g !!!!

    Jailbreak your IPHONE…. make sure you have cydia installed… then open that up… and search for VOIP… and a thing will come up… VOIPover3g or something like that…

    Install that… then.. search for MOBILEsubstrate… update make sure that is upgraded (to move current version) and BAM…. now you can use your iphone to make skype calls… on WIFI + 3g 🙂 works like a hot damn 🙂

  19. Hey. Skype calls are disabled over 3G you can only do it on a wifi connection. Also I noticed on some public wifi connections I cant make calls as well. Like at my collage but I think thats because they restrict internet access there. GOOO FLAMES!

  20. Hi, awesome, thanks for sharing this info., i got a question, I live in Calgary and I can’t make any phone call,I got a msg saying skype calls over 3G are not allowed, I have my 3G off in my iphone thanks once again

  21. this is exciting if it works i’m so about to try it. ha ha rogers you cant stop us anymore

  22. nope. did this 5 minutes out of the box. works like a charm.

  23. good videoo buddy

  24. Thanks for the video, worked like a charm!

  25. that wont work it will say its unverified. maybe it works if you have a jail broken iphone or ipod.

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