HP iPod Commercial "Mash Up"

HP iPod Commercial “Mash Up”

New line of printers that can print wirelessly from an Ipod touch or Iphone
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. HAH! I was the same way, I practically came when Fergie’s rap came up for the first time during The Boogie That Be on my first run through Elephunk. “OH SHIT! IT’S THAT SONG!”

  2. i was an extra here when they were shooting in new york

  3. I remember this commercial from years ago…one of the best commercials ever!

  4. That commercial is funny (especially the last tune on 0:36) and great. I first knew about the Black Eyed Peas by watching this commercial. The commercial and the rap group never gets old.

  5. Does anyone know where I can view the full square dance commercial? I can’t find it anywhere 😦

  6. iPod from HP…heh…. FAIL. xD

  7. I remember the best commercial they made from this series was the first one. There was something so cool about square dancing to hip-hop. Damn I miss that commercial.

  8. yeah the first song is the best

  9. thanks brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The boogie that be – Black Eyed Peas

  11. name or first song please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. LOL! I swear, this never gets old!

  13. Cool video, amazing how each song can fit a dance groove!

  14. what are the name of the songs not the 1st one the following

  15. LOL…Possibly the best commercial ever, second only to that “Lovely Day” remix Gap commercial. I love these. LMAO @ the hip-hop polka crowd and the breakdancers. What is that? Bluegrass? This is tight, all these years later.

  16. what´s the name to the third song?

  17. it´s by Black Eyed Peas

  18. Does anyone know any of these songs other than “The Boogie That Be?” I like them all alot.

  19. It’s Boogie that Be by the Black Eyed Peas

  20. i wonder what the song is at the beginning

  21. I want that cowboy commercial one anyone know where i can find it?!

  22. My brother is the cowboy in the front in the green checkered shirt and black hat!!!! That part was filmed at the Colorado Cafe in Watchung, NJ! (yes, a country western bar in NJ haha)

  23. Ha ha ha
    I love it!

  24. yepp pretty awesome

  25. LOL this is so funny!

  26. What is the app called

  27. i dont understand you. could you lay off the caps lock?

  28. lol *golf clap* nice… mmmyes, very-nice-indEEd! good form!

    for those who didnt get it… the 10th person would be the victim… disclaimer – gang rape is bad… mkay? stay away from people who want to talk to you in unlit alley-ways.

    p.s. whats the best thing about 26 year olds?

    Theres 20 of em 😉

  29. *bows in thanks. And as a sign of my appreciation of your appreciation here’s a non-pc statement for you that I heard today.

    Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

    Steady on haters and trolls, it was only a joke.

  30. HAhahahaha “…like a midget being raped by a monkey in a suitcase.” wow.

    god, i love the internet!
    kudos inkslug… heres to random comedy!!

  31. to make sure you’re tkan aback even further. Just like the videos you AND I favorited of the Australian comedians Clarke and Dawe, or as the video is titled “Explanation Fail”. They’re comedians who specialize in satire and irony. IT”S A FUCKING JOKE. Not one thing I said represents my actual beliefs. So next time you decide to completely belittle and insult someone, please remember that there may be some higher-level-thinking shit that you don’t even UNDERSTAND!

  32. Hmm, you’re cute. Maybe I’ll jerk to you too. And the only reason i said it is cuz I heard someone else say it and thought “Yeah, that is kind of annoying”. It doesn’t even bother me that much, anyway, not enough to be arguing with the likes of you. Also, this entire argument was conducted in what I (and others my age) refer to as ironism, in which I make statements so outlandish and bizarre that you have no idea what I’m talking about, and can’t make a comeback. The racism is an extra flair…

  33. It’s totally an abbreviation you racist fucktard.I’ve explained this to my 5yr old so hopefully someone of your subhuman intelligence will understand. itouch is an abbreviation from amongst the acronym family just as SONAR amphetamine and PSOne are. But it goes further, as English is a living evolving language itouch is now a word due to it’s common usage. See if you can work out this acroynm for you TINYDICKTARD

  34. So you must have hated it when everyone started calling Playstation a PSOne or PS1 and when sony legitamized it you must have felt like a midget being raped by a monkey in a suitcase.

    aaah bless

  35. lol

  36. lol feg

  37. But seriously, you ARE a nigger, and you WOULD get mad if someone called a kangaroo a wallaby in front of you! It’s in your nature as a Kiwi, just as it’s in your nature to like watermelon and fried chicken. Don’t get mad, bro, it’s in your dna.

    Also, would it help if I told you I was 13? I’m not, but then maybe you’d feel better about yourself, being able to outwit a little kid.

  38. I was just looking at your profile cuz you sound so sexy. I’m jerking it just thinking about you right now!

    You can’t deny that what I said is completely true, you can’t replace one word with a word whose meaning is completely different. You can’t argue my point, so you try to discount my reasoning and my ability to think.

  39. jesus christ how old are you?

    you’re so slow that you need to resort to looking at peoples profiles and attacking their nationality.

    your sir are a fucking idiot.

  40. It’s not an abbreviation, it’s a completely different product name. Would you be accepting of people using completely different names in other situations? How abbout the human body. If I referred to you phellum as a “phalic”, or a vagina as a “virginia”, or if I said “hey moondy, suck a fat hairy chad” instead of ‘choad”. I don’t think you would be cool with that.
    Or one of you precious kangaroos as a wallaby. You’d be shitting in your pants, “Oi, it’s a wallaby, get it right, mate!”

  41. Stop being such a bitch. No one says ‘Laugh out Loud’ anymore, why don’t you complain about that too?

    Learn to be accepting of abbreviations.

  42. Oh, christ that’s so annoying. It’s not called the itouch! Apple has never made a device called the itouch. It is an ipod touch. You’re a tech news specialist. This is your job. Get it right.

    It’s like when people call the Nintendo balance board “The Wii Fit”. We’re not on Oprah. This is the real world, there IS a difference between “bluetooth” and “blu-ray”, and we can’t spoon feed it to you for the rest of your life. Learn the product!

  43. fuck he talks fast

  44. ces is so cool i want to go next year

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