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  1. It gives a new meaning to seaman.

  2. @cassandrabadie ~ so do we all !!

  3. @joshinsobe Thats just a pick up line hahahaha he’s not straight he’s just appealing to the gay dream of sleeping with a straight guy – its a great angle and I did it one night to a gay kid pretty looking thing and I thought yeah I ‘ll try it on him, he was on cloud nine getting me in the sack …. I led him all the way …. its not that untrue, I prefer straight guys and slept with more of them than gay guys. I like my straights and damn there are a heap of them.

  4. @cassandrabadie ~ I am 45 and did a gay cruise when I was 25 and loved it and I am in the same basket as you I feel old and fat !!! but I have the memories !!

  5. @kennetho9322 hey i am old and fat still want to look at young hot guys

  6. @joshinsobe i want to go on a gay cruise cause 1. i like looking at young cute hot men 2, i hate being hit on 3, they sem to have so much fun


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  8. My mom once got on a cruise not knowing it was a gay one and almnost 50% of it was a gay community. 😛

    No man’s penis was flaccid during this cruise, none.

  9. DAMN thats alot of hot shirtless men!

  10. ummmmmmmmmmm… i’m not gay but i don’t see any erections LOL!

  11. Gay cruises look so much fun! Straight cruises aren’t lively. (Not many anyway)

  12. @missAHS200777 but you’ll have to go back to your cabin and slap off about 6 times a day!! owell

  13. @xplorvacations of course not

  14. I thought this was a gay – as in happy – cruise. But it’s all dudes. WTF??

  15. where’s all the chicks!!! total sausage fest!

  16. So, I’m trying to plan a vacation for me and buddies. How do I find out if my cruise is NOT going to be this? Any thoughts?

  17. a dream come true..

  18. OH man watching this video make me want to go on an ALL GAY cruise again…. off to check out what is coming up.

  19. i am deaf gay men and hopefully cool to have a many deaf and hard of hearing gay men in the big cruise ship and alot of american sign language include international and hope to find a cool many boyfriend!

  20. whats the name and artist of this song…brings back so many fun memories of some great fun on my atlantis cruise

  21. lol

  22. no, not at all-but on the contrary-there are many straight cruises that make it very uncomfortable for gay me to enjoy themselves. I suppose it all comes down to your attitude though!

  23. omg if they were straight this would be HEAVEN!

  24. i would love to party with hot guys who dont harass women!!! just party and dance with hot guys sounds fun

  25. Girls allowed? I’d love to go to a gay cruise with my hubby. We’re both intested in the lively fun!

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