Mardi Gras in New Orleans Feb 21, 2009

Mardi Gras party people having fun on Bourbon Street
Video Rating: 3 / 5

here are the photos from the weekend: (patient if the site is slow) you know you wanna… melissa’s twitter: .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses

  1. Click the link to my other vids if you want to see boobs

  2. Wtf yu cant even see boobs dogg

  3. i love boobs

  4. wow

  5. @avataremo09 hatin little fag

  6. Like what Jay Leno said: In New Orleans people throw beads at women to see real breasts. In California, you throw real jewelry at women to see fake breasts.

  7. @blunklaura The shop in the video does body painting. It’s across the street from Pat O’Brians on St. Peter off Bourbon

  8. Does anyone know any places down there that do GOOD body painting?

  9. @drazteful It’s mardi gras. Most of the topless girls are tourists because the locals don’t usually do that. People started this whole thing that if you flash your tits you get the most beads. It’s pointless really, it really makes mardi gras out to be pointless now-a-days. You should go to the small towns to get a REAL mardi gras:)

  10. @drazteful gayy culture

  11. That was disgusting that their was a group of old men following that shirtless girl

  12. why are the girls topless?

  13. @cdpiro well we all know some one doesn’t know how to party like a cajun

  14. I Wanna Be There T___T

  15. love mardi gras go every year NEW ORLEANS IS THE REAL DEAL BABY!!!!

  16. One thing’s for sure: all of those filthy old men with cameras vote Republican–and lecture other people about their bible when they’re not looking at some juicy titties. lol. 😀

  17. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday right?

  18. cuz this is youtube not youboobs…

  19. omg it was on my b-day 2

  20. Why are there more back footage than boob footage?

  21. i’m liking the girl at 0:24.. very nice.

  22. @cdpiro Well why did u watch it

  23. i live in new orleans and boy so many peaple getting drunk and horney

  24. topless chicks O.O count me in ^__^

  25. well….there’s 2:29 minutes of my life wasted!!

  26. Buddhism (as a whole) is technically not a religion.

  27. Keep worming Russian girls

  28. i love alli, but she is a bitch to random people sometimes haha

  29. Haha! Dude! At 7:01-7:05 I seen my friend Leigh Anne! (the chick with the blonde hair in the greenish/blue shirt. 🙂

  30. bewbs on mardi gras…must be making reference to yourselves?

  31. “Chuck Norris was here” haha great :p

  32. HAH

  33. raw oysters is gross but omelette oysters is yummy! try it!

  34. @Krathis191 Middle Eastern

  35. @jordana8899 yeah, america has a lot of slutty people, but most of them only act that way on certain holidays. what culture are you from?

  36. @aubergine2c weeell, maybe it’s because it’s youtube and little kids go on here…

  37. @jordana8899 Welcome to America.

  38. wanna post a link to an uncensored video?

  39. Your culture is full of perverts and whores.

  40. Why the bloody hell is this censored?

  41. i want to see the uncensored version

  42. No we boo them because THEY’RE SELFISH WITH THEIR TITS. Honestly they get to look at them and touch them whenever they want but we just want to see them for a few seconds at a parade and they don’t want to share the view? BOOOOO what makes her tits any better than the tits of a chick that knows how to SHARE?!?!?

  43. I saw three boobs, but I was watching Total Recall.

  44. holy shit my cousin was married in that church. HOLY SHIT I WALKED ON THE SAME GROUND AS CHARLES MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!

  45. @Adamisntelmo i think he means 15 pairs.

  46. i hate it when people try to tell others how to live, or try to convert people with their stupid fucking signs and all that bull shit. >=[

  47. The sign wasn’t implying that Buddhism was not a religion, it was saying that it’s a FALSE religion meaning it’s based on a lie, or false god. Not the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob spoken of in the KJV Bible.

  48. Omg the chicken costume from that one ad.

  49. rock paper scissors charles. not paper rock scissors.

  50. Hope the men didn’t get to close, thats alot of things poking in your back with all the bewbs

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