Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has new features to help you organize your emails more effectively. The new conversation feature enables you to organize email threads as conversations. Use the new ribbon for better search, and customized quicksteps. Find Outlook on Facebook for support, tips and the latest news:

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  1. @1fludge1 Then i would recommend a personnel email client such as, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live, or Express… Me myself i use Thunderbird, ITS THE BEST

  2. @1fludge1 Then i would recomend a personell email client such as, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live, or Express… Me myself i use Thunderbird, ITS THE BEST

  3. I got mine for free, check out my profile (thumbs up if this helped you!)

  4. LOL. The words “clean” and “ribbon interface” should NOT be used in the same sentence.

  5. “He, I’m Dave, and I’m a PC” Watch the sticker on his laptop.

  6. @1fludge1 Me too. How do I send e-mails?

  7. Holy crap, all I want to do is send e-mails!

  8. @jveteran LOL!! You know, I see so many men with earrings like that, that I hadn’t even noticed. Good eye.

  9. @Ringo7000 Some people just like pushing your buttons don’t they?

  10. @badguy66626 sorry not had that problem i been using outlook for 7 month no problems

  11. @badguy66626 its probably your pc,me i have outlook 2010 and it never do that


  13. Proof Microsoft ignores xbox 360 problems

  14. i have now been using 2010 since May and love having the ribbon in outlook – conversation view can be confusing to begin with but it is a brill way of seeing a load of messages all connected although it does do it by subject so need to be careful you dont list messages which are not part of the origional conversation quick steps excellent but my favourite in 2010 is excel slicers

  15. @badguy66626 Mine freezes too.. I’m a software developer by trade and I haven’t been able to figure it out. Disabled all the addins, still does it. Wish I hadn’t upgraded nothing new worth using in office 2010 anyways.

  16. Gmail is still cleaner.

  17. @dude2106 My thoughts exactly.

  18. LOOKOUT people stay away from OUTLOOK 2010 it freezes unless someone explains me why and how to fix this, and this have nothing to do with my computer.

  19. is anyone having problems with outlook 2010? it keeps freezing every time i go to another section, stupid outlook…

  20. @2012cleansingtime Yes, the profile name was user.user. What you programmed your piece of shit to replace a . with space? Or are you just a cunt? Fuck you all burn you sons of bitches I just spent 6 hours getting this to work. Why didn’t you make an “import nk2 file” function for 2010. Sick freaks. I bet you enjoy the energy of people like myself who hate you so much. Fucking burn you mother fucker!

  21. Hello moron, please tell me why I had to rename the nk2 file from user.user to user user (user space user instead of user dot user) for outlook 2010 to be able to import it using the outlook /importnk2 switch. Fucking morons I hate microsoft you are fucking sick fucks. I hope you die horrible deaths you pieces of shit wasting my time so much fuck you. Die.

  22. Great new workgroup type features. I have always liked Outlook at home and at work for their own reasons but the quicklinks will be great at home and work and the meeting requests with all people involved in an email chain will be great for work. It looks like somehow Microsoft is incorporating a lot of those features that made Google Wave interesting into the desktop

  23. oh brilliant! microsoft really does a great job! taking the worst email program in the world, give it a fancy design and a load of buttons and there you go!
    They just won’t give up. Can’t they just face that the way forward for emails are web based services? no loading delay, login every where in the world and 100% free of charge.

  24. Office 2010 appears to be even more confusing than ever. Interface is WAY too cluttered. Instead of simplifying the software, they keep packing unnecessary buttons, popups, more buttons, buttons and more buttons. It’s still a bloated pig of an Email program! Takes too friggin long to load, and still a ton of bugs in the contact manager. No thanks M$

  25. Google would like everyone to think they’ve got Microsoft on the ropes. This video gives me the impression that they don’t. The new features in outlook 2010 will really bring value to the way people live and work today. Check it out!

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