Using Microsoft Word : How to Create Templates (Stationery) in Microsoft Word

To create templates or stationery in Microsoft Word, create the document with any desired background and clip art, go to “File,” click on “Save As” and save the document as a document template instead of a Word document. Create templates for multiple documents with a tutorial from a computer consultant in this free video on computer programs. Expert: Kyle Parker Bio: Kyle Parker is a computer consultant and filmmaker in Berkeley, Calif. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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How a template can allow users to simply create professional ,branded and consistent Word documents. It uses macros written in VBA.

7 Responses

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  2. by the way, how do u add the effects like u have,ie when u click on something

  3. how can you use these templates on outlook?

  4. helpful

  5. thx this is good

  6. Nice, but could you please upload a tutorial how to make this template ..

    thanks very much

  7. you talk to much..and useless….

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