10 Money Saving HDTV Shopping Tips, Netflix on the PS3 – HDNation

Netflix Sttraming on the PS3… Disc Required! Patrick’s Top 5 Random Blu-Ray Picks, Stream Vudu HD Movies through LG’s BD-390 Blu-Ray Player, Roku rolls out new HD streaming box with networking, Robert’s Top 10 HDTV Shopping Tips! And the Blu-Ray releases for November 3rd, 2009.
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25 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shopping tips could you please update them for 2010 Christmas season

  2. Great ideas and information. Here is a tip. I found the best prices on HD products by using My Shopping Genie / geniecoupons (can’t put in the website address!) you can download this shopping App tool for free!

  3. @DarkMerchant2222 Ya, it’s currently 13% in Ontario.

  4. @ddnn3
    its 9.75% here and with a recent law passed its going to a possible 11% in Southern CA.

  5. @brandtaylor93 probly right but when hell is net flix hd for pc comeing

  6. 20:43

  7. Playstation Network Points FREE!!! Get Yours Now at

  8. nice

  9. these clips are sick as fuk – tiny[.]cc/slutty

  10. 9.2% tax eh, TRY LIVING IN CANADA

    Nice vid btw 🙂

  11. @jimmybrite lol XD So true

  12. it is temporary. there will at one point be a UI option.

  13. Honestly I’m surprised it’s here before we got the next gen consoles.

  14. the disk is probably temporary.

    It’s probably a blu-ray with a modified version of the roku software and it’s just to hold it off till they have something you could have in a ps3 firmware update

  15. They already said they will update the firmware next year so the netflix disc won’t be needed then.

  16. @fstar

    worst excuse of a joke i’ve ever seen, nice try but keep thinking of something better

  17. 9.2 tax damn

  18. I love the quality of your videos, I bought a HD laptop and everything looks great on it, I am watching this video on a desktop computer with a HD screen and it looks great, now only if I had a HDTV instead of a dinosaur ( I bought a HDTV but I returned it within a week, the screen turned out to be too small for me, it was a 19inch ) Keep up the good work.

  19. Just got the email! My disc will be here tomorrow!

  20. FailBox 3FixMe aka Xbox 360

  21. at what time does the PS3 start?

  22. hahaahahah
    i’m 12 and i love my ps3

    Ps3 is better than Shitbox 3shitty

  23. True, I say we get as many Canadians as possible to email the heck out of both the American site and Canadian Site of playstation. and other countries that already have it can help if they want XD, It would be great of them(or some sort of protest). Cause the truth is, making us wait this long is BullShit (Excuse the language) I was glad to finally get PSN Card, but it took to long to be released here.

  24. me 3mb download, 256kb upload…and about the same price…so next time you might be complaining about bandwidth…think it could be worse, hahaha. Long Live Canada!!!, my favorite north american country

  25. Yeah, well I live 5 mins from the capital of Canada, now it doesn’t mean that I get extraordinary good service and price though, just ’cause I can doesn’t mean I should. Yet on the 50 mbit line we’re still limited to 1 mbit upstream, very lame, and we can only d/l 100gb a month on this service. On the service I have right now it’s 7.5 mbit down and 820 kbit up with a max of 20 gb/month up/down. and EVERY month I go over by like 10-20 gb so the bill is like 60-80$ Canadian .

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