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One of the things that we have learned over time is that headaches are best treated in the context of a headache clinic or a headache program. This brings together multiple disciplines including radiology, physical therapy, and other areas of expertise that can be brought to bear to treat whatever kind of headache that someone has. The first thing to do if you have a headache and simple measures, over-the-counter medicines are not really working, and chiropractic intervention really has not helped you, the first thing to do is to get into a headache center and get the type of headache properly diagnosed. Certainly it is true that brain tumors, aneurysms, and various other scary things can cause headaches, but typically that is not what is going on. It is important to investigate to rule these things out with appropriate types of MRI, appropriate studies otherwise, and not just any MRI or any blood work, but blood work and MRI specific to the diagnosis of headache type. Once the headache type is pinned down, and sometimes an individual may have more than one kind of headache, then we know about a number of interventions which may help that individual. It may be physical therapy that they need or perhaps they have headaches induced by sleep apnea or some sleep-related disorder that simply needs a CPAP mask or something simple. There are certainly a lot of medications that can be given on a daily basis or an intermittent basis to help with headaches. Depending on the
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