Aftermarket iPod Car Accessories

Video Rating: 4 / 5

PSP Car Accessories: It’s a great day for a drive but not without games. So Old SKool Fool shows us if the PSP car accessory that mounts to the car will really work? Well, let’s see the PSP car mount in action. For more cool game news and info don’t forget to visit The Gamers Voice:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  3. Most of the aftemarket iPod car set-ups are crap.
    If I see one more vent clip config I’ll fucking puke!!

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  9. hola me ayudan alguien me dice porque ya no quiere pasarme fots ni videos a mi ipod nano de 8G… lo formatee por que no me queria sincronizar musica nueva y lo tube que hacer y le metio musica pero ya no quiso reconocer ni videos ni fotos me deci que habia un error desconocido 50´´y la pagina que me pone para cambiar mis trivias la vusco y me dice que ya no existe alguien me dice como veo en el ipod las letyras de las cansiones que le meti segun!!donde las puedo ver………..

  10. HA! the movie BULLET That’s Awesome

  11. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER. BUT I LOVE MY MOM SO I AM NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.If you don’t copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours. dumb i no

  12. lol!
    That’s gotta be the camerman’s Ipod.

    You know the host dude rocks out to
    Yanni & Josh Grobin.

  13. I got that in my old – too ashamed to say – car – but on the other hand I am lucky enough to have a car that came with a factory stereo/cassette player so I can get the same quality as the new stuff w/out the price. I know my set up sounds way better than the FM adapter. That blows! My brother has that in his Golf – it fuckin sucks, Mine sounds way better and his car 6 years newer than mine.
    I feel bad for people who habe to spend a couple of hundred to integrate thier ipod (to thier car)

  14. at curcuit city they have this pioneer advanced sound retreiver stero…its ipod ready for $190, plays cds also but has a clean look also better than the sony

  15. how about just a simple cassette with that headphone jack coming out of it…10 bucks.

  16. duke newcomb

  17. lol playing the arist ac slash dc

  18. the touchscreen ones..the screen is kinda unresponsive unless u press it hard…bad qualityy =[

  19. Or, you could spend $40 for an FM Modulator, which plugs directly into the antenna IN on the back of the car stereo.

  20. first

  21. Love the music from the original Ridge Race.

  22. @PearlJammer07 wow this if for ppl who listen to music while driving

  23. @indomitablefacts dude some people want to listen to music when driving…
    PSPs are also for music not only for games so SHUT THE FUCK UP retard

  24. how do you play psp when u r driving wat a retard u dnt nid a car mount for that, jus put it in yo pocket wen u park u play,

  25. would it stick on wood table aswel ?

  26. i want this plz help me get it !!

  27. @qtmami do u have the same psp mount , and may i know how can i put good videos songs on my psp i did but the sound is always low may i know why ?? any tip
    and how much is thus mount is ????

  28. one in car and even in home is good …..

  29. come on I have a psp 1000 useless to me … I wanna use my gps GRRRRGH

  30. haha ridge races!!! It’s a fun game 😀 !

  31. hey noob, i have one, you dont have to lick it. once oyu place it on your glasss window there is a tab neer the suction that you pull so that it makes the suction grab.

  32. noob. ofc its posible to stick it to yo window:P


  33. if u have gps on the psp its pretty handy.

  34. you gotta rub it with alcohol including the window where your gonna put it

  35. Is it possible to have an aux cable connected to the PSP with this car mount? It looks like where the headphone output is located, it’s being blocked out by the mount. Thanks.

  36. great…now where can i buy one? link?

  37. Ohhh!

  38. it did work…

  39. it did not work cause he licked it

  40. I got one of these, I used to rig my PSP up to my sound system so it acted as a kind of jukebox/movie player… plus it only fell off once… not bad if you think about it.

  41. I got one but Its called Cobra Stand

  42. 2:18

  43. Well i’ve installed a psp holder in my car and i use it for music as my psp has ALL my music and i hook it up to my system. If there are passengers in my car they can watch a movie/video clips so it’s actually very handy and entertaining and obviously i don’t watch videos when i’m driving that’s just stupid i just switch it to music if it’s just me.

  44. very nice video good job mate nice review

  45. But will it stick to you hair??

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