Credit Repair – 100% Legal Credit Repair Company

Coast to Coast Credit Services, Inc. is a nationwide credit repair company/agency and developer of the Logic-10 credit repair system. 100% Legal. Bonded credit repair specialist. Plano, Dallas, Texas, Nationwide. Legal Fico Score Credit Repair – In this video I share with you what the credit bureaus & banks don’t want you to know. Legal Fico Score Credit Repair. The banks are legally bilking innocent people such as yourself. Don’t let them get away with it. Legal…
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  1. Gov’t Data is a lie and a fraud in cahoots with the Blankfein’s of
    WallStreet, manipulating the “American free market”, credit swaps
    high frequency trading, flash orders, naked short selling, cdo’s
    Goldman and Obama are in bed, Summers, Benanke, Geitner are frauds
    Jobs exported your labor de-valued to Zero to screw you into debt
    Walk away from your CC cards and (underwater) mortgages
    FICO scores are a scam to enslave you and keep you in debt
    Get out off paper.Don’t be sheeple. Fight back!

  2. can you repair credit from someone in canada

  3. I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    There is software im using to send atleast 20,000 text message a day advertising my online business…it is amazing. I think they have a free demo to try as well autotextsender.(c0m) God Bless!

    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  4. my fico is finally below 450, i walked from 800k, f em. good scam if you get enough suckers. it is all done free on a million sites but good luck.

    who needs fico whrn you got cash cash cash, love it

  5. Pre-Written letters? I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and unfortunately it’s much more complex than that if you want to focus on the other 65% of your credit score. Good Luck

  6. Good point. I appreciate your input and I can not agree with you more! Just like if you go to court for a ticket you can represnt yourself and try to fight it or you can have a lawyer represent you. We have a team of attorneys representing the consumer in credit matters. The consumer can do this themselves, but they do not have the knowledge, experience or time to do this.

  7. You can raise credit score without paying somebody to do it ! Sorry buddy but you are the one that is taking money from the people …People go to myfice DOT com and go to the forum section and get all the info for FREE on how to raise your score, no need of paying someone like this guy to raise the fico score when you can do it yourself by sending pre-written letters to the different agencies ! Good luck

  8. What’s up Lev! Great tips, thank you for sharing!

    continue to provide with the tools we need to aid our futures, man!

  9. where were u when the big man was going through his divorce?

    haha I will be using you, just go to the website?

    Bobby From Brooklyn

  10. thats amazing
    did not know you can do that
    now i know 🙂

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