Funny game rental advert No 3 from GameFly – Never buy a bad game again! – GameFly is the leading online video game rental service. With a choice of more than 6000 titles, GameFly offers the widest selection of games for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and PSP without the hassle of due dates or late fees.

Episode 5 of Game Rental Theater goes to a different title than what I’m used to, but I still wanted to check it out in some form or other. Advance Wars: Dual Strike is one of those games that I felt that I could have obtained before but is now too late to take it in at full impact. I like the idea of puzzling in some form or other – in this case, sending batallions out to a battle – and so it only seems to fit as the second DS instalment in the video set. The footage is taken from the fifth mission in the game, entitled “The Neverending War”. Here, I guide Jake’s troops as he goes up against Zak (or Koal as he’s known in America). We have a few bases and cities in common, yet it all started roughly with tanks being blown up, recons and American Football terms being misidentified (I believe the word I was looking for was “Clear Shot”) and batteries almost running out. But at the end, the enemy force was weakened enough to the point that a Mech unit could easily be transported to the enemy’s HQ, leaving them able to capture it. For the audio in the video outside that from the game, please see the Viewtiful Joe segment. I know I said that I might do something a little more “mainstream”, but my studies were pretty pressurising all this week. Regardless, I still want to clear as many episodes of this as I possibly can. Thanks.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

31 Responses

  1. 0:17- I made that same face I saw the new Devil May Cry trailer.

  2. yeah

  3. 0:26 Me after I lost in tmnt for the nes.Hey you can say what you want but the AVGN made some good points about that game

  4. 0:24 when I couldnt beat Zelda Phantom hour Glass

  5. So true.. xD

  6. So true

  7. I watch hardcore girls over at tiny[dot]cc/analsex831

  8. For Homebrew games, then yes, it’s a possibility. But I, like “everyone else”, would scoff at the whole idea of piracy when it comes to official titles for the DS.

  9. I wuldn’t say it’s truly wrong every one downloads em lol

  10. Okay, firstly, I RENTED the game, which costed even less than investing on a Flash Cart, thank you very much.
    Secondly, I refuse to buy flash carts anyway – if you truly respect Nintendo, then you certainly wouldn’t download it illegally and would contribute to piracy. That’s just as wrong as emulating IMO.

  11. omfg wow you wasted all your time and money on those games, when u can buy an R4 for 20$, u can download all new or old ds games for free, -.- wut a waste

  12. But I suck at emulated gaming though, so that’s a no go for me >.>

  13. It actually work in pc emulator or so which i heard from my friends.

  14. I don’t. i find it a little hard resisting to get a lite and selling the one i have

  15. Well I didn’t have much of a choice. My original recording was a 20 minute one, and to condense it for a Youtube edit was tough enough. >.> Still, I think there’s an Advance Wars DS rip out there somewhere, very easily accessible too.

  16. i like your attempt i love the advance wars series…i have one quarrel NEVER SKIP THE CUTSCENES i love Zaks theme song so it postpones the end… if anyone can get his theme song for me i’d be grateful

  17. Me too! Excellent choice.

    The original is way hardier too.

  18. Funny you said that, one of five people at the University I studied at were Irish so I might have adapted some traits from them 😀

  19. u sound irish

  20. That mission is EASY. But to be fair I have to say you did well for your first time.


  22. I see you also have one of those original DS’s instead of the DS Lite. I personally prefer the original’s style over Lite.

  23. It was my first taste of Advance Wars, so yes, you’re right there.

  24. um…rank B is like suck it hard. ranked that S first try. from this, i can say this was like ur first time playing AW series.

    im working on War Room…super hard crap right there.

  25. Isn’t my voice wonderful? 🙂 If you’re worried about the accent, it’s because I live in Northern England though people have claimed that I sometimes have a Canadian or Australian twang in there for some reason, lol.

  26. this video is like a train wreck… I just had to keep listening to your insane voice.

  27. I can’t remeber fighting a Neotank in this mission … thought it was just one mediumtank even in hardmode

  28. I actually struggled with that mission when I first did it… I didn’t follow Rachels plan and I attacked from the lower bridge and through the mountains. Cool vid. 5 stars.

  29. Everyone’s voice is unique. I’m quite fond of mine. Thanks. 😉

  30. your voice ugh

  31. I’m not on WiFi. And next time, please comment on the video rather than asking me questions like that.

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