greeting card

this tutorial walks you throught the process i go through to make a greeting cards, which i later send off to family members. Im aware there are a few skipped steps such as combining green and black to make the pine tree then adding white on top of it to resemble snow . We were short of time on the recorder and ( stubborn me )tried to fit in this spraycasso project. However i feel i’ve covered these steps before in other painting tutorials so you guys wont be too lost πŸ˜‰ hope you guys try this tutorial this coming holidays. i garantee your cards will be VERY original

Office employee has gets a big greeting card surprise for his birthday.
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  1. good

  2. oa… amazing

  3. great vid

  4. very nice work

  5. Really cool, i liked how you did the mountains

  6. Nice one!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing with us

  7. Wow stunning, thank you.

  8. so cool! you are like total bob ross on PBS!

  9. wow that was so good but i don’t think i can do that… lol… too much for me… but that was good

  10. huh

  11. niiice!!

  12. Wish U Happy Birth day

  13. Nice xD

  14. Thanks, that’s really cool and Merry Christmas

  15. very kool

  16. see my round dog and round cat here watch?v=3V2MHP8QgNs

  17. Wow, That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the “secret” with us.

  18. merry christmas too..

  19. For some really Cool holiday greeting cards go to Greeting Card Universe and type in Jacob Knowles
    He is only 17 but he has some of the most unique Greeting Cards ever πŸ˜€

  20. Wow, that was beautiful!

  21. Thanks… This is really nice…

  22. thanks that is a good idea…

  23. cool

  24. omg thats so pretty! but at the end i was scrolling for more vids and this audio commercial came on about speakers and it was really loud and scared me half to death!! LOL biut great vid! check out my origami vids!!

  25. Very pretty card!!!!!

  26. you’re gonna be a daddy! πŸ˜› hahahhaha lol

  27. This is very funny! Love the pinched cheek!


  29. No…

  30. Lol. FUNNY!

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  32. which one

  33. yes

  34. reply yes if u think his accound name is retarded

  35. haha!!!!!

  36. youre gonna be a daddy in a british voice lmao

  37. Funny!

  38. this is to funny

  39. ROFLMFAOOO! ahaha.

  40. lol

  41. Excellent ! πŸ˜€

  42. lmfaooooooo

  43. bannedhumor is an ad agency, none of their commercials are actually banned, they just say that so people will watch them. they’re still good but none of them are ban-worthy

  44. omg i shit myself while watching…i really did lol i gta go change now..

  45. what? why was this banned?

  46. haha

  47. its a joke douche

  48. ur an idiot

  49. omfg made me laugh so fucking hard!!

  50. lmaooo

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