Hard money loan for Hitler- Financial crisis

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses

  1. that was the bomb! kaboom!

  2. 3:26 LOL!!!

  3. lol ill use the Madoff account xDD

  4. Hahah.. it’s distracting to know that they’re not really saying that.. but – so funny

  5. ok, but the truth is that FED gave the money to Hitler to go on!

  6. this had me in stiches cant stop lauging great stuff

  7. LMAO!!

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  9. I should say that your video really explains the different aspects of hard money loans. We at Do Hard Money, are also in this business for more than six years and hard money loans is definitely one of the best way to get quick rehab loans. Why not visit our channel?

  10. Do you know of Hard money lenders in CA that go up to 85% to 90% ARV. ?

    Thanks, Colin

  11. Great scenario phoenix. This is a great short description of the hard money process.

  12. Yes. We lend in the DC area, and can roll in closing costs, among other expenses. Many times, its a true “no money down” lending experience.

  13. Can you please give me a list of hard money lenders in Michigan, or that will do a hard money loan in Michigan? I have a deal I already have an appraisal on, and I need up to 65% LTV, or ARV. I thank you in advance for any help!

  14. Will hard money lenders ever pay for closing?

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    This rox… Thank you very much.

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