How To Get Free Software,Games, Music, Movies legally

Here I showcase some websites that allow you to get free stuff legally without worrying about piracy. Sourceforge: Freewarefiles: mob3 wiki: YouTorrent: LegitTorrents: Internet Archive: Caiman: ArtistServer: Jamendo: Freeware-Guide: Free Decent Downloads: Neowin Forum Alternatives Thread: What are your thoughts?

True power comes when local software and Internet services work together to solve problems. It is the combination of software plus services. Software plus Services is Microsofts approach for the next generation of computing. Learn why your business success relies on both software plus services. Whether you are a business owner, technical professional or developer, the combination of Software plus Services gives you the flexibility to accomplish your business goals. This short video simplifies the Software + Services story and helps you to understand the future of technology and the power of choice.

17 Responses

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    Saas is INCREDIBLY customizable! Poor Microsoft, you can’t be a leader forever.

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    Get free software. 🙂

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  10. well it’s awesome software is awesome!!!!!

  11. SaaS is customizable. Many providers offer API’s and integrations are increasing quickly. Looking at NetDocuments for example, I can customize in hundreds of ways to cater to my type of use.

  12. To learn how to build your own software business, watch on mysoftbusiness . blogspot . com

  13. Also, you say that SaaS can’t be customized to each users needs, so Simone is still limited. This is just false!

    SaaS can be customized with widgets, extensions and addons, and these are easily shared between the workforce. Installed traditional software can’t do any of that, and certainly not in a way affordable to SMEs.

    Software + Service is still VERY limiting, because you can’t access the service without the software. With SaaS, all you need is a Internet Browser, not limiting.

  14. If software is limited and difficult to maintain (as the video points out), then why would you want to pay for BOTH software and a service? Double the number of things to go wrong.

    Since most web based SaaS utilize offline caching (with HTML5, or Google Gears) in the browser, the data can still be accessed/edited offline, without software.

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  16. fuck microsoft. go linux.

  17. Was that video as much work as it appeared? Crazy. Very well done. And a nice description of S+S.

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