IBM think pad commercial

IBM thinkpad commercial
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Television commercial for the then-innovative IBM ThinkPad 701 laptop computer, which had a unique fold-out keyboard. (1995)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

36 Responses

  1. lol awsome ad

  2. You jackwagon, that’s a Lenovo Thinkpad! Don’t you know the difference between IBM & Lenovo?

  3. its fu’king Lenovo!

    Lenovo sucks

  4. haha nice comm

  5. 怪しい・・・・。

  6. i believe that if the water didnt get inside…the heat didnt kill the componets then yes believeable

  7. hahahha
    this crap has an 8mb video card
    I remember I had it 😀

  8. right now i use a thinkpad t43 writing this comment! THINKPAD FTW

  9. Why your telling me that story?

  10. I would have killed mine if she did this to mine.

  11. What a stupid commercial! That would never happen.

  12. Gg esta nice tHe comERciaL

  13. Yeah, its very robust, but the performance of my T42 im writing this with sucks ass. Seriously -.-

  14. Right now as i write this comment i’m using an IBM T60 XD

  15. I owned a T40, 4 years past warranty and still going on strong. It used to be able to play all my games (halo 1, cod2 and gunz) maxed out (spare for games when it ran vista as a test) It cant play games anymore but it still works in every day life. But it just cant move anymore. It’s suffering the white lines disease (but still working). my poor thinkpad. Good thing my HP DV7 is there to help it cope. =(

  16. favorite laptop ever! and totaly grama proof

  17. using a thinkpad rite now its awesome!

  18. CoMe BaCk WhEn YoUr BaLLs DrOp

  19. dude sony and ibm are the best non apple manufaturers idiot. Army uses ibms and apple also sony.

  20. Simplemente los mejores equipos personales que existen, por su performance y resistencia! Aunque me gustaban mas siendo IBM y no ahora como Lenovo =(

  21. U caN SUCk MAh D1cK sTupid kiD!

  22. Well, everything including the bath in the kitchen sink is really believible, but the oven? I’m not too sure about that.

  23. I think all ThinkPads are indestructible 😀
    My 11 year old TP 600 is still in perfect condition!

  24. The T40 is indestructible. I know it first hand.

  25. very true, it can survive through anything, i spilled an entire cup of coffee all over the keyboard while studying for finals last year, and here i am typing this post on it!

  26. You know, some of you need to get out of the past. Yes IBM made computers for Hitler. Yes they were involved with the Nazi’s. That doesn’t make them a bad company now, and shouldn’t reflect on whether you buy one. The quality of the product is good, stop dwelling on a business decision from the past.

  27. @myid9876543 Read “IBM and the Holocaust” They made computers for hitler to go through family history and see if one matched their definition for being Jewish.

  28. @myid9876543 if they didn’t have ties to nazi germany i would like them a lot more as a company

  29. @alienmode dude what?

  30. 5000$ what a bargain!

  31. you can find this keyboard in LAPTOPPARTSTORE in all languages including Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian…

  32. nice keyboard

  33. man that’s sick…. if IBM wasnt so integral to the holocaust theyd probably be my favorite tech company…

  34. thats sweet

  35. Whoa, that’s pretty neat. Always liked IBM.

  36. I wish modern laptop/netbook keyboards were as innovative!

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