iCarKits iPod Car Installation – How To

Watch an iCarkits.com expert install a Neo Pro Link “Direct-Connection” iPod car adapter in a 2008 Ford Edge. The adapter is connected to the back of the radio and routed to the glovebox in under 3 minutes! Compatible with all iPods and iPhones, the Neo Pro Link is one of our favorite adapters because it offers CD Quality Sound, Track Control, Power and Charging, as well as text information on the factory radio display.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

The Grom i2-VAGD is an inexpensive solution for anyone that wants to have control from the iPod as well as control from the Radio and steering wheel controls. For more information or to see if the product works with your car come look at our product page. enfigcarstereo.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses

  1. @menglis3 theres no cassette player in any ford edge models… not even the 2007

  2. my mom has an orange ford edge 🙂 its badass!

  3. WHOA WAIT!! i thought this was an edge.. and who puts an iPod in a GOLVE BOX!?!?!

  4. american cars look like crap from the inside

  5. Could you put the ipod cable through the air vent or anything? Anywhere else than the damn glovebox?
    By the way good luck turning your air on.

  6. For all that trouble and money i would have just spent more and got the edge with sync. we have the 2008 Ford Edge Limited and it has sync and its awesome

  7. “Install the iPod back into the dash”

    Your ac controls obviously aren’t connected anymore.

  8. @zebrech
    if he didnt already take them out, how did he get the stereo out!?

    Re-think who is the dumbass here..

  9. is this worth buying?, i’d rather get an audio cassette adapter for it

  10. Thank you so much!!!

  11. u said install the ipod back into the dash!

  12. Lol at first ford edge then last ford focus

  13. @dlzonwlz The other popular option is the center console where there is a IPOD/USB/AUX outlet to plug in your mobile devices, but many like Mercedes Benz put it in the glovebox.

    Once it’s plugged in, you don’t need to manually change songs on your ipod, so you can keep it hidden away in the glovebox or center console. Controlling the “stop, play, seek, rewind” functions on your ipod can be done so with the controls on your vehicle or by voice command (on Ford, it’s called SYNC).

  14. @TheGreenteawithmilk why would you want it concealed though

  15. @dlzonwlz it’s the only other place you can put the ipod where it is concealed.

  16. and that is a good vid

  17. did you notice he didnt take out the screws that hold the stereo in place? this guy is a dumbass.

  18. “Install the ipod back in the dash” at 2:05

    “in the 2008 Ford focus” at 2:40

    awesome fails

  19. who the hell puts their ipod in the glovebox?

  20. haha u messed up in the end of that

  21. if you are going to do aiPod Car Installation video do it right…. wireless a/c and heater controls, are thrue wi-fi

  22. if you are going to do aiPod Car Installation video do it right…. wireless a/c and heater controls, are thrue wi-fi

  23. lol so is it and Edge or a Focus and the car stereo is now and iPod and I didnt know they made wireless a/c and heater controls thats awsome!!!!!! but im pretty sure they dont so i think you fuck up a little

  24. hey man were do u buy the kit and how much dose it usally run for if you know ford to idk if the car matters but its ford ass well

  25. yea WTF edge not focus dumbass

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