Japan Launches High-Speed 'Kizuna' Internet Satellite

Japan has launched a satellite that is able to provide high-speed Internet connections to homes and offices at speeds rivaling those of today’s fiber optic connections. The satellite launched Saturday, called Kizuna, is part of the government’s e-Japan project and its modest aim is the creation of the world’s most advanced information and telecommunications network.
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movie.diginfo.tv DigInfo News The National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, in conjunction with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has developed WINDS, the Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite. WINDS is a research and development project to establish and assess the technology that will be used in future satellite-based networks. Interview with Naokazu Hamamoto, Research Manager, NICT – “This is the model of the satellite. This satellite was launched by JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency this February and is currently undergoing the initial checkout and screening process where the devices which are mounted on the satellite are being evaluated. When this assessment is over, we are going to perform a range of feasibility experiments with the other organizations and companies associated with this project. The satellite features a conventional dish antenna which enables high-speed data transmission nationwide in Japan as well as to major cities in countries such as Korea, China and Thailand. However, this is a fixed beam and so the service can only be accessed in certain areas. On the other hand, this is an active phased array antenna which can electronically change the direction of the beam. This antenna enables high-speed transmission in areas covering a third of the Earth that can be seen from the satellite orbit path, including areas of the Pacific Ocean, Japan and China and if you happen to be in the any of
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31 Responses

  1. japanese rocket very small, maybe because japanese man has small dick

  2. its the most expensive wireless router in the world , thats for sure XD

  3. It’s meant to be a contingency to terrestrial providers and to give internet access to more rural regions like farm lands and fishing villages. It’s cheaper and more efficient than setting up millions of kilometers of cable.

  4. well internet over satellite is not very good ^^
    it’s fast but u get very bad ping times and it is impossible to play online shooters

  5. 😀 LOL

  6. Actually in Japan 80mbps is only $35 a month can you believe that? But Comcast’s 20mbps in USA is the exact same price which sucks.

  7. Is the service available from Kizuna presently?

  8. It is for the installation but is not that much per month.

  9. I bet that would cost some big bucks!

  10. cool!

  11. @super6plx I live in America and I get like 20 megabits :P, but my friend in Australia pays a whooping $60 a month for “Wireless” internet from Telstra, and he can only download 6GB a month. The funny thing is, cable internet is available where he is, but stupid Telstra wants to charge him 15000 to run the cable to his house, which is far away from the front of the property

  12. @Spytheweb american broadband GARBAGE? you should see australia’s broadband… it’s actually classed as “third world” from it’s specs! it’s not bad, I get just under 1MB/s download (like 600-850kb/s) on australian download servers, but that’s the FASTEST plan we have. luckily it’s changing if labour gets in, they’re getting a huge optical fibre network in
    even though you posted that a year ago, back then it was the same deal – america’s broadband was getting like 40MB/s!!!

  13. Cool and amazing speed that blow your mind…..Huh!

  14. I live in Canada I use shaw as my ISP my download speed is 30mbps and my upload is only 1mbps

  15. @samalhoodman2 mines 85 k

  16. Download speeds are inversely proportional to my patience. The faster it is the faster I want it.

  17. 128 kbps , 700 i download in 40 mintues

  18. Japan net providers should dominate the sat net world wide, since they have crazy high speed connections than other sat net companys

  19. Google, “Japan (country regulation overview)”

    You’ll find out why Japanese have faster, cheaper connection than US.
    In short, the gov. keeps(regulation) telecom companies small and to run on cost only(no profit). Totally opposite of US.

  20. Oh my God I Wanted so fast internet so Hard I Could Cry!,too bad some of them are not available in Philippines..


  21. Jesus.. God ol’ mighty. That is FAST.

  22. lol,how much do you need to pay for it?and i am sure if you hear my downloading speed you’ll die it’s only 15.88kb/s,and upload speed 14.66kb/s.

  23. The speed on saterlite is good but the ping times or latency are normally Shit.

  24. American broadband is garbage.

  25. philippines?

  26. satalite internet is garbage

  27. darn!!! it didn’t reached phil.!!

  28. i got only 1Mbps..

  29. i got only 24mbs lol

  30. Yeah, same problem, barely getting 5mbps but think about it: this sattelite covers 1/3 of the earth. Imagine the traffic if, say, a million people tried to use it at the same time!!

  31. 1.2Gbps?
    i’m barely getting a meg on my 2meg connection lol.

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