Learn How to Get Money Magically for Free – Scam School

youtube.com This episode, we’re turning to the dark side and learning actual CRIME with Short Change. Remember, the following is for INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! So there. See our latest episodes! youtube.com Never Miss New Shows – Subscribe for Free! http://www.youtube.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com Watch some of our other shows! youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com REVISION3 is a TV network for the internet generation!

25 Responses

  1. you actually screw her of $5US since the drink is $5 😀

  2. B n C

  3. D: i hope the school’s shop never watch this


  5. this would never work with an Asian cashier…like me 😀

  6. imma do this to a retarded donut shop

  7. i got netflex

  8. lol 0:25

  9. just put out a gun and ask 4 da money jaja

  10. projectpayday . com/go/3186801

    You make money by referring people without spending a dime. All you do is just fill out your name and email address and your done.

  11. wtf?

  12. xD i had to watch it 10 times to get it

  13. @freshdustin whats up with ur hair?faggot..

  14. OHHHHHHH now i got it

  15. no one will fall for that….

  16. cashiers best motto,.. ” Do transaction one at a time”

  17. its better to just go in a shop and ask for change so u can just leave and by the time they figure out what happened youll be gone

  18. i got brian brushwood’s autograph

  19. make money with little effort


  20. @Scarx2gt In asia ppl would count their money like gold

  21. I wouldn’t ever do that in a bar just because you’d have to sit there and drink your beer. You should just leave. Get in and get out, imo.

  22. @jeka9291 !!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!??????

  23. отличное видео советую посмотреть всем

  24. отличное видео советую посмотреть всем

  25. this is only gonna work if the cashier puts the change out before you…
    or else your standing there while he waits for you to get your change..

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