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  1. this is class!!!

  2. alfies leg lol lol

  3. @andydavison2007 Since he had that ankle injury, he changed his role. From a striker to a central midfielder.

  4. @Staff777 oh right

  5. “All Credit to the time it’s flown
    Do you remember when I beat Juventus on me own/
    The greatest midfielder of his era,
    Are you listening Patrick Viera?!”


  6. @Wongy10000000 MIckey (Mike) Phealan, United Assistant Manager

  7. isn’t this him leaving the irish team in 2002 world cup? he’s saying “mick” as in mick mccarthy, the old irish manager

  8. the greatest midfielder of his era! truth!

  9. brillllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ya i think roy wasnt meant to be a manger no wins in 8 lol

  11. He’s doing a grand job at Ipswich…8 games no win, some legend

  12. What a Red Legend, there was none better.

  13. fuck you

  14. roy keane fkin legend

  15. roy 4 celtic well played keane 😉

  16. thats p45 retardo

  17. lol lol. hilarious. im gone when did i arrive..all they left me withis my damn p45..hahaha

  18. someone tell me how alan smith is a midfielder hahahahaha

  19. so sad:-(

  20. roy a legend

  21. Roy a Legend a Red Legend indeed

  22. Roy a Red Legend

  23. United r crap . thank god he did leave them 4 celtic .

  24. roy is a legend:)

  25. hahahahaha gift grub is so funny looooooool haha

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