Mad Tv Stuart and the Tooth Fairy

mad tv skit of stuart hilarious


50 Responses

  1. what did that gesture mean?

  2. im not hurt but im startled.lmaoo

  3. what DOES that mean?

  4. Stuart is the most funniest kid i know . My three Fav. parts are when he kicks the tooth fariy and when he says Mommy what does this mean and then when he says I`m in my dark side then the tooth fariy says what can I do to get you out of your dark place he say A DOLLAR!! tht was hularious O:


  6. Stuart should have starred in “Empire of the Sun”.

  7. @hollistergal211 I’M IN MY DARK PLACE , what can get you out, A DOLLAR

  8. @hollistergal211 I’M IN MY DARK PLAY, what can get you out, A DOLLAR

  9. @MorriganAtwood: yuppers…

  10. Is that Susan Sarandon?

  11. ha ha!

  12. stuarts has made me luagh alot

  13. so freaking funny

  14. @geauxst9 she is fixing his bed with an odd expression on his face!!! LOL

  15. i was jumpin on the bed with the tooth fairy but then i fell off. im not hurt but im starrtuled!! hilarious

  16. “Daddy said you could nag the paint off the walls!”
    LOL classic!

  17. Can anyone tell me wut the hell his mom is doin between 0:58 and 1:02. wow lmfao

  18. it wouldve been better is he gave her the dollar and then traded for the tooth…that way he got to piss her off and get a tooth AND a dollar

  19. can’t stop laughing hahahahahahahaha

  20. Little boys that lie shuld expect tragedy to visit them on a regular basis

  21. I love this! Hahahaha!

  22. I love this!

  23. they need to make a stuart movie.

  24. I wouldn’t want the tooth fairy’s boob floss either … WHERE’S HIS DOLLAR?!

  25. 137 people are itallians

  26. “I’m in my dark place.” LOL

  27. lmao (4:12) why does she have to call his private parts a “google?”

  28. i wanna i wanna be a cowboy

  29. thats what he said

  30. i think i just found americas next top model

  31. man tha dipsy doodle just blew my mind,when i saw tha i pictured americas got talent

  32. Man Stuart Is Hella Funny! Girl Who Takes Pictures:Stuart What Makes You Happy?
    Stuart:Fuddge. xD

  33. Man Stuart Is Hella Funny!

  34. I laughed so hard at the end I farted!!

  35. @ilovetraycey Like black poop!

  36. LET ME DO IT.

  37. ” then, then you’ll only get a picture of his face…. Are you sure that’s what you want?!”

  38. His voice comes out in a lot of these. bt they are still funy

  39. the soul of a liar is black like poop. omg, that kills me every time ❤

  40. haha fuck this mothafucker is hilarious

  41. for all the poeple that hate these videos stuart should kick lol

  42. the soul of a liar is as black like poop!!! THUMBS UP..

  43. *evil voice* LET.ME.DOIT.!


  45. Asian wives waiting ****

  46. 134 people can’t do that.

  47. what does mamma say about liars…… i dont wanna say it…. say it..the soul of a liar is black like poop!!!

  48. Thumbs Up For Lemmi Do it

  49. the soul of a liat is black like poop 😛

  50. Hahahahahahaha! I Love Stuart(x

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