Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial

This tutorial is only for beginning Microsoft Access users or beginning users to database software in general. This tutorial shows how to open a new database, set the tables for the database, enter data into the table, and save the database. If you like this tutorial, or would like to see some more of my work, visit my interactive resume at

25 Responses

  1. thx alot

  2. 2:16… Phone.. and nuggets.

  3. @finalending13 haha who is the noob man, u can’t even see he’s joking. you idiot.

  4. Nice but hey, I miss a computer 😀


  6. @convict29 if you dont have a computer how can u watch this noob fail

  7. Thank you 🙂

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  9. @scarfacevalverdeecua
    better shut the fuck up.. Mac sucks. Try linux and you’ll understand. Faggot


  11. @IWishICouldChangeIt Thnks for the translation!!! Eso es lo unico qe puedo escribir en ingles! Thanks!

  12. @zhikizzme translation:
    Hey! OMG… thanks, my friend! You just saved my life with this, thanks! xD
    I hope you understand Spanish..hoho! xD

  13. Dude, get another profession

  14. @sashafroyland do you give foreskin consultation too?

  15. Great video! Need local help in the San Francisco Bay Area?

    Bay Area Access Consulting offers locally based experts for all of your Microsoft Access needs. We have been in business for over 20 years and all of our consultants live and work throughout San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Your company’s data is your most critical asset. We understand that you may not feel comfortable utilizing so-called “remote solutions”. Call for Free Consultation: (415) 655-1938

  16. Thx so much, i needed this for university

  17. This video was so helpful! Thanks so, so much!!!!

  18. Aee! Dios mio graciaas amigo! Graciaaas con esto me salvaste la vidaa! xD
    Claro si es qe entiendes el español jojo! xD

  19. Thanks man, this helps me a lot.

  20. thanks for this i had a job in construction but some god damn mexicans took my job and now im learning computers.

  21. That was simple to follow.

  22. @cmilla646 Thats my opinion, I think your ugly how how are my standards now? Fuck off bitch.

  23. simple and easy to follow!

  24. @mckenzie4080 your standards are low as hell!

  25. you are fine as hell

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