Mp3 to Ringtone (Download+Cracker)

Mp3 to ring tone, Mp3 to Amr, Mp3 to mmf, Mp3 to wav, Mp3 to midi. Compress Mp3 files. Download Mp3 to Ringtone converter: Download Cracker key: Give ur comments and suscribe. Thanx

21 Responses

  1. where is de site

  2. Didn’t understand a word xD jeez!!

  3. why do all these guys waste their time wasting everyone else time with a program that never works.

  4. could you teach me how to make a bomb?

  5. when i load the file it goes down… doesn’t work

  6. indian ❤

  7. @Behinderungen have the same problem… need solution…

  8. Tie is too short :O

  9. it was an error!

  10. HI, I try to download the DAT key
    but it NOT working, it has the icon of window media player, and doesn’t look like the one you show in the video clip. Could you help me? Thanks

  11. PM me if you want this because ziddu isn’t safe.

  12. can you upload it on other site because ziddu isn’t safe it has alot of popups and viruses

  13. hey guys i found one nice site for ringtones checkout at globalringtones . net

  14. cant load the file

  15. so this turns songs into crap stuff like mario theme?

  16. 5* from me dude

  17. Does the same to me 😦

  18. Thanks a lot dude !!!!

  19. just copy that key.dat file in the installed folder.

  20. there would be some virus in your computer. or you should install a fresh copy of windows. must download “key” file and paste it into the “Anming” directory.

  21. everytime i want to load a mp3 file it goes down

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