News Search SEO

Background and FAQs for publishers interested in Google News Search.

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  9. Thank you Milly for this video. I took a lot of notes whilst watching and saved it on my delicious page so I can keep going back to this.
    This is literally an untapped market and traffic source and the first few that utilises this will really benefit from this.

  10. thanks Maile Ohye..

  11. you’re cute AND provide a ton of useful information. Thanks for sharing.

    Are there also Rich Snippets available for News Search (and blog search etc.)?

  12. Great! Thank you!
    Man..oh..Man, my head hurts! 🙂
    I have to listen to the video again to absorb it all. 🙂

  13. My second entry is to ask one question about ‘Story Ranking’ – how bout if I promote local tourist spot? Does it includes in Google ranking for ‘News Search’ which I am able to update it once a week?

    Because you said, I can use ‘new keywords’ for search.

  14. Nice job Maile! Good info with no nonsense clarity.

  15. Nice presentation, very informative. A little insight into the secret 😉

  16. Nice presentation – sort-of informal yet highly informational. The outdoor setting for example sets the tone for a friendly discourse. Speaks volumes about Google, the organization.

  17. Thanks for WebProNews email news which led me to its Facebook page and then back me on here.

    Thanks Milly Oye for thoroughly explained it with your superb lucid explanation.

  18. Trusted sources info is new

  19. Thanks for the info!

  20. Lots of great information there, thanks.
    I especially like the image ranking tips.


  21. Google also wiil block ant thing that their not in support Like the New world order or the preisdent when he could’t show his birth Certificates or what they wnat to be shown.
    Google can say all the B-S they want it dose not change the blocking, their is always two to every story yo here them avertising the Obama putting this in front of you. So tell me who’s side they are on.

  22. I’d says the ranking factors are not that clear as you suggest. You say article ranks for fresh content, but it’s quite untrue. I have seen articles copied directly from a daily newspaper or a Reuters site being featured on top and credited wrongly to that site, just because that site holds a weightage in your search algos. So don’t say that you go for fresh content, say that you go for sites you already give weightage to.

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