Video Rating: 5 / 5

A 3d visualisation of the completion of the lowther restoration project carried out by the Julie Howard Partnership in Goole, East Yorkshire. for more information please visit http://www.juliehowardpartnership.co.uk

11 Responses

  1. the old man should of punched the fat lard

  2. I hate that old maan, He’s a proper meaniie D: Takes piss outta mee fer having black hair xD Hillarious :’3

  3. god y did i com bk t goole shuda stayd at donny wer we dnt giv a shit

  4. the kid looks like he is shitting his pants

  5. fucking chavs.

  6. i HATE chavs…but if he would have hit the old cu..i mean person … it would have been i the papers chav beats up Poor OAP… -_-

  7. i could understand wat the fuck they were saying back there cock gobblers anyway, pommies poofs

  8. Oh deano…..you look terrified lol

  9. ha ha ha little deano scared of pervy bert you should of banged him out deano hahahahah

  10. Ha Ha fat ass got told off

  11. looks good it was going to be a hotel again with bar but its not is it, silly appartments

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