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Another SEO Rapper video….talking about links and how they increase your page rank. lyrics: Chuck back again so tell me what you thank, new song new dance I call it the Page Rank, so you want to get the listing, in the top position, if you pay attention I can show you how to get it, start with your content, I done said it before, 250 words per page and you good to go, add headers and titles, cross links are vital, make it easy to read use list items, keyword rich is how its meant to be, make sure you have good keyword density, double check your navigation make sure your links function, by order of importance I call it link sculpting, unique meta information for all the pages, trying to make sure you cover all the bases, all text links should include keyphrases, make sure you put the links in the right places, inbound links are what you should be chasing, great content and good link baiting, make people link to the site you created, to do that you gotta have great information, I’m a tell you something else that works wonders, Yahoo directory it cost 300 if you a dealer get links from distributors, if you provide a service get content contributors, it always helps to get links from manufacturers, your links should always be adding not subtracting, link quality is better than link quantity, get valuable links thats a good link policy, some people swap links I don’t recommend it, others buy links well I wouldn’t spend it, keyword stuffing is not a good practice, if you
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A webmaster tutorial video that covers how sites are displayed in Google search results.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sem pagerank e SEO não tem como viver na net

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  3. if you use sickmarketing. n et
    thumbs up!

  4. Love your music man..
    you are rocket in RAP..

  5. I love this video. I get a kick out of it everytime I watch it… plus it’s a good learning tool! 🙂

  6. Man this is great

  7. I love it! SEO is almost like economics, people don’t understand it, but its there everyday 24/7.

  8. COOL!!!

  9. haha, I thought it was quite funny to start with, but man thats some really good advice LOL and good rimes too!

  10. Great Song


  11. lol you got PR 5 here…
    man your music is the bomb! and everything you sing about is true! your an SEO specialist

  12. Cool !

  13. the seo rapper is sick!

  14. Damn your the man …. As an SEO professional, i can say… YOUR DAMN RIGHT!!!

  15. If you were actually a top notch ceo it seems you would be driving something a little better than a haggard ass 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis.

  16. Chuck, this is just so cool! Really enjoy your rappin’ on code.

  17. Top quality learnings!

  18. Made my day.

  19. Chuck! We gotta finish Coding Back! 😀

  20. nice song homie

  21. I don´t really like the music but damn he´s RIGHT!

  22. nice u got talent

  23. 😀 awesome… I learnt so much

  24. this is how we roll… in the internetz

  25. lal 😛



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  29. Thanks Google, for making it so simple. There’s no holding me back now. By tomorrow, I’ll be a superstar. jon ber.

  30. Old – Not so relevant these days due to algorithm changes since 2008.

  31. deep tutorial need?

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  33. google “seo themusicage”

  34. Thanks for the tutorials! Great info.

  35. Great I like it

  36. very helpful information,

  37. Great overview and introduction!

  38. o.o

  39. good i like

  40. Yep – no surprises here!

  41. oh disclose more in video form


  42. 4th and pretty interesting. Hmmmmmm

  43. 2nd!

  44. 1st 🙂

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