Review: JVC LT-46DS9 LCD TV 1080p

AVForums reviewer David Mackenzie reviews JVC’s slim 46″ 1080p LCD display.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Imagine an LCD that you can playback your video content that you have downloaded to your iPod. JVC can with a new feature called TeleDock, a built in dock that will not only playback and upconvert the content to 720p but it will charge it too . JVCs line-up of panels was not only engineered to excite the most extreme audio visual enthusiasts, but also to influence the creative minds of the most discriminating home decorators.

26 Responses

  1. wkd tv

  2. that’s a fifth generation iPod idiot.

  3. i got this tv. its awesome

  4. never mind i don’t have the same controller as that, hmm ill have to buy that controller..

  5. One Question ::
    I got a iPod Touch for Christmas and when i hook my iPod up to the TV what setting do i put it on ??

  6. “if a friend comes over and they got some great content on their ipod that they wanna share”

    translation: great for porn

  7. is there any picture lagg with ur xbox?…im looking for a set for my xbox

  8. I own this TV, and I love it. It makes my Xbox 360 graphics look like a thing of beauty.

  9. how much?

  10. Yes the TV has a built in QAM (digital) tuner

  11. hey i got that TV =)

  12. i think so

  13. yes it’s just plain awful avoid at all costs

  14. are you talking about the one you can buy from tesco

  15. is this tv digital???

  16. yes but technika tvs suck ass, my gran has a 26 inch on in her lounge and the picture is worse than any tv i have seen.

  17. yeah… i guess he thinks rock started with the 80s…

  18. i am jealous lol^^

  19. well they are makin a toilet roll holder dock. i no how sad. 🙂

  20. can you do a review on the panasonic viera tv with ipod dock?

  21. What a dick! It’s Cream. The video playing is Cream. Clapton has a seperate solo career. Give the rest of the band credit

  22. that looks sexy

  23. what next,

    iPod on the toilet?

  24. Did he say “Erin” Clapton?

  25. i was over uk couple of weeks ago and tesco are sellin 19″ technika tv’s with the ipod docks for £179.97 and they hav all the features this tv has

  26. He was talking so much about the dock.but not about the Lcd’s picture Quality…(in full 720p)… i find this funny

    Anyone else?

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