Star Wars Help Desk

Tech Support the Star Wars way. After all, the empire has its share of end-users also. See more short films at

25 Responses

  1. @ookikies nice good eye. i woner what its for. mabie to make people think this is a script from star wars

  2. This might have been on ok idea, but it is pretty badly made. Almost painful at times.

  3. @composerdoh More fun, not funnier.

  4. ID10T , omg genius!

  5. @WalkingCorn lol! Probably.
    I actually like this. It just struck me as I was watching it how much acting and personality contributes to how funny something is. I found myself thinking “What he’s saying is funny- why am I not laughing?” I then imagined Jack Black or Will Ferrell, or someone else with incredible delivery playing the part, and suddenly it dawned on me how important delivery and personality is.

  6. @composerdoh

    I find it incredibly funny because I’d be acting the same way if I were him

  7. @WalkingCorn No, it’s NOT funny b/c he isn’t believable in his part. THAT’S the point. The point is that he’d be funniER if he wasn’t so stiff.

  8. Ooooooohhhh. I HATE tech support!! i needed some help installing the rosseta stone application CD ROM onto my Linux laptop (BTY the CD ROM turned out to be blank!!!) and the tech support dude kept INSISTING there was “4 squares on the bottom-left corner that say ‘Start’.”!!!!! X(

  9. The ID10T error cracked me up… LOL

  10. Charjoyable How could you be speachless this is stupid

  11. @composerdoh

    That’s the point, it’s funny because he isn’t trying

  12. PFFFFT, Earl Grey tea. xD “This’s the Star WARS helpdesk, Star WARS.” XDD roflmao.

  13. haha

  14. Speachless

  15. Have you tried turning it off and on again?….Are you sure its plugged in?

  16. @ookikies yeah i saw, after i looked for it and had to pause it with perfect timing to see what it looked like cause i read your comment, lol 🙂 =) 😀 =D


  18. Anyone else realised this Storm Trooper is actually Charlie Brown? ‘Why can’t people remember their operating number?’ at 1.52.

    Good Grief!

  19. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  20. That was awesome I was dragging back and tried pausing on the message and it only took 3 tries for me to get it

  21. lol

  22. @DaveTKNeal Yet some amount of money says that you read my comment and then read what the message says…

  23. @ookikies Thumbs down for self-promotion.

  24. i just realized how much of a nerd i am i just keep watching theses star wars videos

  25. 1117 scruffy looking nerf herders watched this thus far.

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