TIME Magazine Interviews: Robert Kiyosaki

The financial guru’s new book is ‘Conspiracy of the Rich.’ Robert Kiyosaki will now take your questions
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @drumminghunter What I mean about calling spirituality vacuous is that it’s just a placeholder word. There are as many definitions of spiritual as there are humans on earth – making it meaningless or vacuous.

  2. It took me this one video clip to buy first of his book, oh gosh..i must be crazy not knowing about him when ive been trying to do my internet marketing business, hes speaking my language and idea..jk if there are people who really wants a change to their to life, not being under E or S, and grasp that chance to possibly be under B or I, please let me know!!!

  3. “Is there anyway the government can help this?” and the response is 2:21

  4. @kangabanga123 Here here. Clearly some people cannot think for themselves today.

  5. Anyone who thinks this guy is an idiot is doing me a favour!!! you stupid sh1ts

  6. Anyone who thinks this guy is an idiot is doing me a favour!!!! you stupid fuc$!!!!

  7. kiyosaki made his fortune selling books to idiots.

  8. I get my mentoring from this guy I have a great blog and train a team of entrepreneurs rephiahinc.mybellamora first step is to get started

  9. Welcome onboard Russian here gettop5.info

  10. @RaulFelixINC i’m gratefull for those wimps and cowards it leaves more for me.

  11. @Zoiros85 You are “vacuous” without it! Indeed, the most important is spiritual strength!

  12. @drumminghunter Spiritual ? U must be kidding. That was the one the didn’t make sense. It’s a vacuous concept.

  13. best Asian women #lushfmlk.info#

  14. ….military got it out of order….”mental strenghth, emotional…..no No NO!!!!……Spritual strength is paramount!!!! the rest follows it!

  15. @RaulFelixINC ….haw haw…everyone I talk to thinks I am wacked….as they trust in thier 401 ks and cd’s that pay .05%

  16. hes a rich dude bkuz hes killed ppl

  17. do they teach u that in college economics? HELL NO lmao

  18. I like how Robert kick my ass and tells me his truth because I need to be connected with Rich Dad’s philosophy. I am a free man because Robert’s advise, I love it.


  20. @lisenceahmed Holy shit, I laughed out loud at this!

  21. the interviewer himself is an employee…lols

  22. 4:46 He hit the nail on the head there!


  24. The stupidest thing is, I can post this video on a friends facebook page and hope he or she would get inspired to start a business or join a network marketing company, but I know they’ll go back to their stupid jobs, continue where they’re going for the next 5+ years, and hope that everything’s gonna pan out.

  25. @bloodworksinc haahahahahha right on man. i agree.

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