Which is Better: Television Service or Internet Service?

geeks.pirillo.com – http – You can watch programming from several popular networks, and it won’t cost you a thing. Many of your favorite shows are already online, available for free. Why are you still paying for cable? chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses

  1. Mac mini media centre don’t fail me now. And HD tv

  2. it sounds just like HULU. is it? i will look into but i dont know, sounds just like hulu, only a little more to it.

  3. Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing.

  4. your going to hell animal, please say hi to “the rostov ripper” Andrei chikatilo….

  5. you have a point ”but” besides upgrading your stuff, something free is something you can’t really bargain with!..

  6. What if you want to flick the channels? I love TVU etc. but the only problem I have is when you change channels it has to load. Or there are times when a channel etc. says you it can’t play because of bandwith.

  7. i am the family guy fan right HERE!

  8. directonlinematches. com
    find ur match!!

  9. US only :(…. I love US proxys 🙂

  10. Yes! does it do BBC iPlayer?

  11. i hope it has pokemon

  12. OMG… Welcome Back Kotter???? Am I aging myself??? LOL

  13. hook your tv up to your computer the point is that the shows is free…

  14. Family Guy FTW!

  15. but what if you want to just sit down in your living room with your 50 inch 1080p tv and have a remote control and control your tevo and tv that way. instead of constantly holding a mouse and keyboard and watching it on a small computer monitor

    than whats better…

  16. ..you are sooooooo boring..

  17. actually PC is better, 5% of games come out on macs, more software is compatible with PC, We DO have movie maker/Photo/media etc programs, it says we only have spreadsheets and work things but we actually have more fun things than apple

  18. Nice page. But it only works if you’re in US.
    Any service that can actually work for the rest of the world?

  19. hi fanboy. mac rules right chris? your the best you love mac i love mac. everyone loves mac. yeah high five mac club.
    microsoft sucks and apple is perfect. yes we are the best. apple apple.
    we are the best. apple apple.

  20. allright thank you!!

  21. yup not work here in Aus either. When will the Yanks ever realize there is more to the world than their back yard.

  22. I like the internet to watch t.v. but Having cable on tv is much easier because it has better connection.

  23. it dont like android.

  24. fta hack!

  25. its working on the mac just download hot spot shields connect it untill the movie start then turn it off because its slow if its not slow then keep it on but you have only 3gb every month

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