Aboard Korean Airlines International flight

The sickest plane I’ve ever been on! They had movies that were still in theaters on the plane! PLUS games!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Gas prices have forced me to fly business.. Just another thing that P.Diddy and I have in common.

50 Responses

  1. Not yet flown on Korean Airlines but tried asiana, man, lemme tell you, they just feed you there, it includes facials and red wine ( some other airlines, you have to pay $5 for it) Korean and asiana are “relative’ airlines. Asiana was voted “best airline” 2009/2010.

  2. I never been in Asia but i head alot of good things about Korean and Asiana 🙂 but i went to Europe with Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa they r pretty good too

  3. dude it would be awesome if korean air have xbox 360 or ps3 haha

  4. Asiana and Korean Air best service in the world.
    I flew ONCE on United to Korea. Never again.

  5. Great airlines sometimes i get upgrade to business class since i fly with them so much.

  6. @iloveepl4ever but they give you the meaning of luxury compared to other airline. After flying with korean air people can understand why the price is so high.

  7. It looks like Dallas from the view I got from the window.

  8. it’s a 777.

  9. by the way which plane is this? i hope 747 because i heard a330-300 and a330-300 i heard they dont have individual tv

  10. i just booked with them Australia to Turkey but they using a330-200 and a330-300 to turkey hope they got individual tv, nice food etc.

  11. where from?
    Where to?

  12. any knows if singapore to seoul on korean air has any AVOD?

  13. Good flight ive been like 6 times but its expensive

  14. nope

  15. is this the b747-400?

  16. so, youre a city born viet girl and you have class—-HAHAHAHA CLASS MY ASS : D HAHAHAHAH.

  17. i hear that alot about Asiana Airlines

  18. you should fly asiana airlines they are just as nice. They are five star alliance airline where korean is four….both are awesome.

  19. Lucky bastard!!!!
    you had the oportunity to fly with an good airline

  20. Lucky. I’m taking United because I’m a cheap azz …. : P But I took Japan airlines when I went to Japan and it was like that … Just awesome …

    United Sucks T. T

  21. I love Korean Airlines! Friendly people, baggage arrived. Plus they give you a lot good food. Whenever I fly, I choose KA.

  22. are these seats new? the ptv’s here look bigger than the ones in the 747

  23. Were you visiting Korea or traveling from?

  24. so youre saying that is DFW?

  25. *update*
    as it turns out, i was on KE 32 on the 4th

  26. dem frekles are godlike!

  27. Um guys…she’s obviously joking…

  28. wow, you ***** you have any idea what’s it’s like to fly 9 hours straight on Delta in couch? Then you complain to me.

  29. I hate this dumb bitch, shit try flying economy class to see how you find the room slut

  30. Can’t anybody hear the sarcasm in her voice?

  31. Its not gas prices….its called being a spoiled rich kid….
    The 3 generation rule of family money.
    Gen 1 will make a fortune.
    Gen 2 will spend it.
    Gen 3 will be broke again.
    Your clearly Gen 2.


  33. i honestly hope she’s not actually whining for real. If so i lost all respect for her.

  34. @ScreamoBaptism haha, it’s true

  35. lol I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW! i am 6’3″ and I have flown economy my entire life! i battle strangers for armrests and window seats!

    seriously it looks so comfortable.

  36. @thisisolivia You bratttttttttttttttttttttt! LOL! Nice job … I was watching the other passengers to see how many snarls and head shakes you scored on that! Whaaaaaaa, I was disappointed. 😦 You need to pull a Chris Tucker and cause a disruption!

  37. Obama is doing so much for our economy…… OK, I almost made it through that entire sentence without puking thins time. Personal goal!!

  38. what a stuck up cunt

  39. This video got views because the thumbnail looks like you’re having sex.

  40. Good lord. Does nobody watch AOTS or know who Olivia is? She’s being sarcastic aka she isn’t being serious…

  41. She couldn’t whine and complain if she had a wiener in her mouth.

  42. @teddymv and yes i get your lame attempt at comedy. you are not funny. take your top off and show everyone, then maybe you will be of some use to the world.

  43. ohh…wouldnt have happened in first class, aww you poor stuckup bitch. i would love to punch you right in your vagina, you superficial slut.

  44. what a figurant bitch.i want to cum on her face when shes doing such stupid comments. fucking ugly bitch.i bet she use shes boyfriend money and she get what she wants.

  45. Fucking you on the seat… woult that make you feel better ?

  46. top suggested video is “rectal exam”

  47. Right….. not enough room i get it. LOL.

  48. funny video and the freckles look great such a cutie

  49. There is no point to this video. Your whining is lame.

  50. The freckles look way hotter than when she covers them.

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