FND Films – Gay Zombie

The dead have risen from their graves to take over civilization. There’s only one thing…all they want are the men.

Promo video for “Gay Bar”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses

  1. Braiiinnnssssss I mean penissssss

  2. 2,084 of the comments were mad by gay zombies apparently

  3. BRAINS! I mean….. PENISSSSSSSS! lol

  4. haha lolzz love it

  5. “You have a lisp, dude!”
    “Oh my god! Oh my god!”
    Haha! Classic! xD 0:52

  6. @Dim3isTexas And I just see someone who likes to f*ck little kids. Why mention his name? weirdo

  7. Hey i think i just saw JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Say somthing manly!……you have nice shoes

  9. what about the Justin Bieber ? is he in the movie ?

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  11. Last chance naughty women need to meet you mworld5.info

  12. Movie I’d want to see > w <

  13. Brains I mean penus funny

  14. Brains..i mean Penis lol would make a great movie!!

  15. kill them with fire!

  16. this would actually be a good movie !!!!!

  17. LOL!!!! Very nice!!!!

  18. I’d pay to watch this…

  19. KILL ALL GAY/YAO and The not straight shota and o’some gay young boy.

  20. There Cumming LOL


  22. this guys now’s theres job :DF

  23. This is really homophobic…. But a good video. it made me laugh but still D: Gays rock…

  24. well made! well done! you should make more of these videos because enter contests. Film festivals and stuff.

  25. Okey, ONE question! When a manly man becomes to a gay zombie! Does this mean that a gay man becomes to a manly Zombie? OR will they be more gay? That isn’t possible, is it? However! Would this film be on a DVD? I would buy it! That rocks!!! m/

  26. @lizard440 Yeah, I saw them live in Utrecht aswell 😀

  27. @KiwiDillan No.

  28. 1,992 people belong to the westboro baptist church


  30. they leave in the s sound. its a gay test. to see if you think they’re saying “suck” something. cock perhaps?

  31. @KiwiDillan well seeing as this was put on youtube in 2006 I’m going to say no. But I still have no idea why they censor it.

  32. why do they censor ‘nuclear war’? Is it because of the tension atm with NKorea?

  33. thats just wrong on so many levels


  35. osome

  36. The censored Nuclear and war but not men in speedos?

  37. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o love the slap part


  39. @User100606 err, no. I’m bi, and i did not choose it to be that way. and what the fuck do you mean ‘become normal again’ being homosexual does not make you abnormal, you narrow minded idiot.

  40. The acting was great, the story is amazing, totally 5/5 for me. Watch it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  41. Funny but for the censored nuclear war. Stupidness there, on some pencil pusher’s part.

  42. they blank nuclear war but show faggots rubbing up each other!?!

  43. @User100606 it is not a choice ok? And quit talking about it like its a problem. if anything its a blessing

  44. @GrimoireNecronium was that in Utrecht? I was there too. They were awesome:D

  45. gay

  46. @lotrman91 hahahahaha… made me laught so hard.. 😀

  47. I wonder why they censor nuclear war

  48. rofl this is damn funny.

  49. this song is so randomly awesome

  50. lol this band is so cool they make great music for the dumbest subjects haha awesome

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