How To Copy a DVD using DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink

I’m not gonna get into the Legality of copying DVDs, but I’m copying a disc I own for personal purposes. Here is the site for downloading DVD DECRYPTER DVD SHRINK is found at:
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  1. @rinkratz77 do you know how i can get my imported home videos off my harddrive for use on editing software? do i need to do something different? like use ISO write??

  2. @rinkratz77 i see others already asked ? re: dual layered disk once i read further; but if u could give me some insight about importing the newly read dvd from decrypter so i can edit them. THX!

  3. @rinkratz77 You can use dual layer DVDs if you wish… But they cost more. If you are just copying a movie, I don’t think the cost is worth it

  4. i was able to use the DVD Decrypter to burn to a CD(with the help of your video-thx); I’m having a ruff time trying to import home videos to a software pkg for editing (trying to use Sony Movie Studio). any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. also, in your video u stated if video is over 4.7 gb the dvd shrink would b needed; could that be bypassed using 8.5 gb DL disk or do u have 2 use dvd shrink in that case?

  5. duuuuuuuuuuuuude, i now can get my brothers simpsons season 1-10. THANK YOU!

  6. @monkeysonboards If you follow all the steps in this video…the DVD will just have the movie (with the subtitles available using your TV or DVD Remote)…but wont have any of the menus or special features that are on the original DVD. If you want all those special features & menus, choose FULL DISK instead of RE-AUTHOR…but this will compress the video and make the quality very poor…unless you use Dual Layer DVDs (DVD+DL)

  7. does it have like subtitles and all of the tittles and menus as well?

  8. @potato180 Never mind πŸ™‚ I figured it out, but thanks for the video. Loads of fun to do!

  9. I dont know what the problem is, but after get the movie decrypted and want to shrink it, it turns out as a WinRAR file. I unzipped the file and then put them on a disk. It wont play and when I put it back in my computer after burning it just shows a list of the files I burned to it. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

  10. @PandaAmandaMonium Medium not found usually means you don’t have the DVD in the DVD burner drive yet…or you selected the wrong drive if you have more than 1 DVD/CD drive in your computer..that’s my only idea

  11. We decrypted and shrank it, and went to print it with windows like you said, but it says medium not found. We are using a DVD-R Maxell w/ 4.7 GB. Any ideas what the problem is?

  12. Thanks dude you’re awesome

  13. man you are great i have never been able to burn a dvd before now i just didnt know how to and really the other youtube people trying to do this it didnt work for me or they seemd like they were 12 years old lol. your great t/y so much for doing this video.

  14. @shrocky2 If you dowwload the file from this video you can use the key to get AnyDVD for free, or if the key doesn’t work, you can just reset the trial period whenever you need to. Thought that might help… thanks again =)

  15. @shrocky2 Alrighty , awesome thanks for the help =)

  16. @randomreasons123 Nope…install it and run it. It will sit in the background and you’ll see it working when you stick a DVD in. I guess you’ll have to click a few buttons that remind you to register/order the full copy of AnyDVD. After that it will sit in the System Tray…After the “register/order button appears…you go back to DVD Decrypter and continue

  17. @shrocky2 So do you have to do anything with AnyDVD once you install it to break the copy protection??

  18. @randomreasons123 The DVD prolly has copy protection that DVD Decrypter can’t break. You should try to use AnyDVD, which is a program that runs in the computers background that will help break the copy protection and allow you to use DVD Decypter. There is a helpful link on the this video that will show you where to get AnyDVD and how to use it…Keep in mind that AnyDVD may not work on newer DVDs like Iron Man 2 for example since they have new, strong copy protection….Good Luck!

  19. i tried to decrpyt a movie and it kept freezing at 6%, what should i do??

  20. thanks πŸ˜€
    simple and works perfectly


  22. @McNigglets If you’re trying to copy new, big production movies like Iron Man 2, they have better encryption on them that may be unbreakable at this time…so that is when DVD Decrypter sits at a certain percentage and doesn’t rip. Try AnyDVD to break that protection. To download AnyDVD, watch this video starting at 8:04 Once installed AnyDVD runs in the background and will try to break the copy protection, and then you can use DVD Decrypter again.

  23. @shrocky2 Okay, yeah, I decided to just do it your way and then at 5% done putting the iso on my computer, there was an error. And it just.. won’t work. It’s a dual layered DVD and I’m trying to put it onto my computer, then into a single layered DVD. How do I do this?

  24. @McNigglets As long as you don’t need to shrink the DVD to fit on a DVDR, or you use a Dual Layer DVD…you may be able to use 2 DVD drives. You might be able to use AnyDVD to remove the copy protection and try a 1:1 copy using nero, roxio or other burning software….but I’m just taking a shot in the dark

  25. Is there a way to put a movie onto a blank disk without taking up space on your HD?

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