Knickers, Bras and pants at Peru exhibtion

A marathon underwear-exhibition has taken place in Peru.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

That nice Suzi Perry off the Gadget Show accidently flashes her knickers when a gust of wind blows her dress up.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses

  1. great shot!

  2. ‘More from us later..’ Here’s hoping!

  3. High Definition at its FINEST!


  5. that was so Freudian its unreal

  6. i was hoping to see pussy here.

  7. @02abarks only a little XD

  8. I saw it and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

  9. oooh HD :p

  10. @mrpolaroid123 I did

  11. @02abarks paused it lol looks funny

  12. @02abarks Guilty!

  13. Thumbs up and reply if you paused it !

  14. literary a god send!

  15. i wonder how many people along with me, paused it 😉

  16. @innit27 too right

  17. one in pink has no panties ;D

  18. @auntygomez I am glad you agree!! But what really fucks me off about the twat who says Marylin Perry, is that after he says it he laughs as he thinks he is so funny!!!!! And it’s only him that laughs!!! The others are like yeah whatever!!! I really wanna kick the fuck out of him!!!! Marylin Perry!!!! What a cunt!!!

  19. it was an act of god

  20. @adebarde1 lol agree

  21. @79pudgeman totaly agree,what a privlidged cunt he is.

  22. A very professionally retreived situation….pity she was not going commando though!!!!

  23. Sweet.

  24. @Chuckylicous Haha, was just trying to get the right timing at first, 0:03 got the job done, i scrolled down to see if anyone else mentioned these magic digits and here you are!!

  25. I bet these 260,000 are from the few hundred who watch it thousands of times haha.

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