Yahoo! TV Widgets – Interactive TV and Intel CE 3100 Demo

Yahoo! and Intel announce TV widgets and the Intel Media Processor CE 3100 system on a chip. Live at IDF Fall ’08, Intel’s Eric Kim demos interactive TV with Yahoo! widgets. Web, weather, stocks, flickr, BlockBuster movie rentals and more on your TV. Want More? Get it @
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TOKYO — Japan’s NHK has developed a TV that watches you watching it. The set uses cameras and microphones to monitor the viewer and take programming cues from them.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

43 Responses

  1. Ya its very nice but how to download this one..!

  2. Retarted. Wanna be a iPhone tv with apps from yahoo. Awe no thanks. I don’t need more reason for ads to come into my house! Lessssss ads!

  3. stupid vision of the future.

  4. xD…

  5. What is this “television” people are talking about?

  6. it will never with charter

  7. Who even watches television anymore?

  8. How big is your HTPC box? And how much does it cost you to build it? Are you completely happy with it in terms of putting it to sleep, waking up, crash-free, lock-up free, boot up time ….?

  9. puro mexico cabrones

  10. How much power does your HTPC use? What is it’s standby power consumption?

    This is consumer electronics for the masses not a PC.

  11. Hmm. I’ve got something better than that already, its called an HTPC. I can already do all of that and much more. And how are you going to enter text, as I am right now, using just a remote? Blah. And can this thing play the best PC games on the HDTV? My HTPC can.

    I don’t see anything that this can do that my HTPC can’t.

  12. Cool Video! 5@@@@@!

  13. nice one

  14. cool

  15. cool

  16. cool

  17. yay 1st view/comment/rate:) keep up the good work!!!!!

  18. Pretty cool.

  19. @Trebor0930 to bad kinect (project natal) can already do this with movies and is for gaming too

  20. … poor computer teevee; it must endure continually watching aging humans and their peculiar habits and quirkiness in the seclusions of home and college dorm settings… this is never to be called, “Big Brother”… “Big Mamma”- is more accurate!

  21. @Magyk130 no. project natal is a loud of ****. this tv is the FUTURE

  22. @comicszoneuniverse
    Ever heard of sarcasm you fuckin’ moron?
    I think not, go out and take a breather.

  23. @JaySoKnown Ok is truely creative and futuristic. But you now, this kind of application is the road to the BIG BROTHER EYE at your home every minute you are watching your TV and so more control of the people and less liberty. So I think the retarded one here is you. (and if you deny my point of view… you are really a poor sheep among the others)

  24. @Magyk130 kinect…

  25. Great. Yet another way for morans to barge in with ads.

  26. japaneses… eyes closed but never sleep ..

  27. The hell… Long live Japaneses…

  28. @RoboTekno Hahahaha… nice comment.

  29. I swear, if anyone dislikes this video, they are retarded, cause this is something you can’t dislike, and if you do dislike it, then you MUST explain, cause this is VERY creative, different, and futuristic, and I don’t see anything wrong with this.

  30. This looks like it might have some practical application for the future. It’s not entirely a big gimmick.
    The company would have to create a standard alongside broadcaster, find a secure way to monitor people :-O, and develop flawless producer and consumer software.
    At least 10 years out.

  31. This alot like project natal for Xbox 360

  32. no thanks!

  33. @RoboTekno LOL

  34. 1984 – George Orwell.

  35. oh great no more porn in the buff

  36. @RoboTekno hahahahaha nice

  37. This is an awesome idea!! I think this is WAY better than tvo! I also bet Japan is going to have this before us.

  38. haha! XD nice! =D

  39. sounds like project natal. but for tv only lol.

  40. I’m sorry, but I’m an American, and you know what that means… CONSPIRACIES… I wouldn’t want that TV, for fear [they] could be watching e.o

  41. NHK BLOWs u got to pay to watch FREE TV broadcast….~_~ yea there gona spy on you rofl

  42. And I thought only Soviet Russia had the TVs that watch you.

  43. That is really cool, it’s about time they did away with the remote control, always losing it. I can’t find mine anywhere:-P

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