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beginning mm photography
beginning mm photography

Kurdistan kurdland
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Portrait photography

The beginning of the present invention portrait photography has made lots of changes. For taking a good portrait should consider the following note:
1 – If the specification and analysis of the model and the best get chosen for photography. For this model, check first with him to talk to you the disadvantages of his best seem to choose. For example, if someone is obese lantern should not bring down your head.
2 – One of the most important means for shooting portraits of that is required to use special lens which features portraits of Nrmkrdn are having. This feature should not clear due to the lack of photos being Namyzan lens was wrong. This lens lineament like to eliminate wrinkles are. It is necessary to explain that sometimes he may Portrait Photographer deliberately, skin wrinkles more time showing.

Softener or filter effects (Soft Focus)

Nrmknndh control lens and exercise intensity can be received. The more elements used in cameras are great cut. If you are using small cameras cut apply this feature use of special glasses that filter on the lens like are closed and their failure to create light softness. This jars ((filter Nrmknndh)) or the player called.
3 – taking portrait Kjshkly close and will cause distortion. Therefore, not more than 5 / 1 m was close to the model. So should Dsyhayy use to have a longer focal distance without Nzdykshdn model, amplitude of view are in Chhrhash. Best lens for portrait photography, the focal Lnzy the double focal lens is normal. For example, a 35 mm camera, a lens with focal distance 85 to 135 mm is suitable for portraits.

Impact angle lens in portrait photography

4 – type and size of the camera for professional photographers who have photo Touch is very important. In small boxes, such as 135 cameras can easily have negative Touch. Also, when using digital cameras, Any resolution sensor is more, is suitable for portrait photography.
5 – Background should be subject to suit.
6 – where the camera should be able to improvise is to provide appropriate Angles.
7 – distance and aperture set to be closed until the main points of the topic, which is considered Photographer, located within the field is clear.

Effect of change depth of field resolution

8 – the subject should not move to prepare Photographer eat. In ancient times the sensitivity of glasses of photography equipment for low maintenance and keep constant topic used. Must take care that the subject with clarity Tkankhvrd do not leave the field. Use of cameras reflected constantly subject to change and viewfinder can be seen clearly it is clear.
9 – Metering of cases that wants a lot of precision. Should be enough light to film Btabd. If the matter is not better Byhrkt aperture was open photo shoot with high speed to prevent subject Tkankhvrdgy; Prtrh like children.
10 – light is undoubtedly the most important issue facing the shooting.
Participation are two kinds of light.
1 – general light everywhere in the model is subtle lighting.
2 – light specific areas that only need to be Tabandh.
General light alone topic tabulate shows. It is better for light induction of specific depth and then be used. Can Vsylh پارچة paper or white shadows and there will Ankas·hay desired. Is noteworthy in black and white photography combine two artificial light and no natural light barrier. But in photography due to the effects of color in this blue and yellow lights should be done very precise photometry and a type of light (artificial or natural identical K) may be used.

Lighting Portrait:
1 – light face: Image Bymq create completely flat.

Light face

2 – light miles: Brjstgyha better shows, but is part Azchhrh darkness.

Light like

3 – light tangent: For some states face the situation can be like the light to move forward so as to turn the half and it is tangent.

Light tangent

4 – light down: bottom-topic and Mytabd particular case the face that gives more light for creating special effects are applied. In this case, the subject seems a little scary ..

Subject terms:
If dust or Chagh: subject the camera mode to put three-quarters occur, use of short lighting, camera angle take a little high.
If thin: the subject put all happen.
A hedge: the lighting, use opaque face.
If stained or burn: in the shadow areas, a problem set or location of the subject so that the image can not be seen on the problem.
Big nose: Turn up a little chin, nose toward the camera lens set.
Forecast Small: the lens of the camera angle keep nose.
Rectangular jaw: three-fourths of the state happen to use, take up the camera angle.
Double chin: the neck down, head to the glove side to the camera slant.
Non-symmetrical eyes: eyes larger close to the camera and eye shadow in place.
Hollow eyes: light eyes Btabanyd opposite.
Plkzdn: the image immediately after take a Plkzdn.
Large ears: Position the subject three-quarters occurred, only one ear to show. Listen to the other place in the shadow, with empty glasses frame shots, the glasses away from the lights put position, height and a lot of light reflections or ceiling use.
Dark hair: Check that the background does not eliminate the hair, light hair separately for use as electrical hair reason.
Local men: over the head to incline towards the shoulder away.
Status of women: the side above shoulder length disposed closer. (But for women, both situations can be used.)

The hands:
Never show the flat areas do not, borders fingers to show.
Fingers should be placed against the lens.
Little fingers in all the joints bend.
The men’s and women’s better Bsthtr is more open.
Npychyd fingers in time.
The head of state do not rely on the data fist.

Taking a group:
قاعدة as a general, uniform spectrum of the image must be seen in the group, both groups in terms of physical conditions and visual terms.
All of the group is better than a uniform spectrum of colors are warm or cold range.
Bright colors and bright people who should Pvshydhand placed in the middle group.
Men put a little louder than women.
Qdha height on a regular basis and set, respectively.
Once the group based on the relevance and put together again in a men and women of the other side of the box set.

Establishment open to say that a photo or physical distance between individuals is Bsr. Depending on the photo is said to establish that some people in photo section on the idea and visual distance between them is not. Closed combining establishment in large groups will be interesting photos.

Group photograph of a sample package with the establishment

Pose for couples
The movement faces: Who are the front or they touch each other.
Pose to the camera: in this case as two consecutive camera with angular to be seen if the front Myaystnd bodies and their faces look.
Smymt create distance between heads down.
Space around the couples in the box, get high.

Recommendations for lighting
Of state can coordinate with the lighting.
Top lighting (High key): Induction of happiness. Most parts of this case and the subject is clear.

Lighting Highkey

Lighting low (Low key): Induction of grief and drama mode. In this case is high-contrast lighting.

Lighting Lowkey

Nhvh example for lighting up:
● main light closer together to Nvrprknndh (maximum ratio of 1:1 or 1:2
● clothes on, patient is on.
● No shadow.
● light field center are based on light background and a step above the main light set.
● subject to the field in the middle between the camera should be.
● main light source should verticillate two equal power and is a combination mode.

The subjects said:
A – If you use a bulb is determined faces and details pages with the help of a window or light can Mnksknndh Sayhhay mild to severe.

B – the portrait with two lamps If you can use a page Mnksknndh image with depth and create bumps. Important balance between the two is light. Lights are not equal with the others but is superior.

Lighting with two light

C – the portraits of three lamps, a light main light, a light filler light and light from above for the third place Ktfha and hair.

An example of lighting with three slide

beginning mm photography
beginning mm photography

Livin’ green aka EU Light-Bulb Ban!
Not an original Idea, it is a mere remake of the original photo found on www.strobist.com at: www.flickr.com/photos/davidhobby/176516763/.

Are Fluorescent Really the Way to Go?
The European Union began the process of moving away from the incandescent light bulb. But the energy-efficient alternatives may not be all they’re cracked up to be. They contain harmful substances and disposal is difficult. (http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,595321,00.html)

The light bulb goes digital!
Companies for years have toyed with light-emitting diodes, which use the same technology as computer chips. Now LEDs are having their day in the sun. (http://brainstormtech.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2010/01/26/the-light-bulb-goes-digital/)

Tools used:

Camera: Pentax K20D
Flash: AF-540FGZ snooted from bottom left
Flash: AF-540FGZ snooted from bottom right
Flash: Metz MB 36 AF-4 with grid spot and a Rosco blue gel on it for background.
Lens: smc PENTAX-DA* 50-135mm F2.8
Exposure: 0.006 sec (1/180)
Aperture: f/19.0
Focal Length:135 mm
ISO Speed: 100

Strobes 540FGZ on full manual mode at 1/8 coming from camera left/righ, Strobe Metz up top, looking down, towards the withe background at full power from about 2.5 meters.

Flashes were triggered with the Phottix PT-04 TM Wireless Radio Trigger.

Converted from RAW (PEF) using Pentax Photo Lab,

Attribution Creative Commons!

beginning mm photography

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