'Lord of the Rings'-style trick photography-trick photography

trick photography
trick photography

‘Lord of the Rings’-style trick photography
Taken in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ exhibition in Te Papa, with a clever splitscreen set-up enabling me and Jo to pull off a Gandalf-and-Frodo-in-the-cart from The Fellowship of the Ring type of effect 🙂

I’ve only just noticed that they changed the Hobbiton backgrounds inbetween shots – had totally forgotten that we were greenscreened…That’s the magic of film!

trick photography
trick photography

fun trick photography using with one of my favorite yo-yos. Featuring the Sovereign, but One Drop.

trick photography
trick photography

Frank Bonds wheeling himself in wheelbarrow, McMinnville
Frank Bonds wheeling himself in wheelbarrow, McMinnville, ca. 1909

Hand, Ford

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Bonds, Frank
Trick photography

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trick photography

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