MadMax – The Interceptor-photography history

photography history
photography history

MadMax – The Interceptor

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Filming locations for the movie MadMax II – The Road Warrior 1981 included parts of Broken Hill and Silverton
A replica of Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor is parked outside the Silverton Pub.
The original Interceptor was created using a 1973 Ford XB GT Falcon Hardtop (XB GT Falcon Coupe) as the base vehicle.

Normally there are many care parked to either side of this vehicle. So I decided to head out again well before sunrise. Well, there was still a 4WD to the right….bugger.

I have helped some stars a little bit to make them a bit brighter….ok

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photography history
photography history

Timelines – 1
because the hearts and minds of humanity are filled with hatred and violence as well as love and compassion –

We Make Our Own World –

digital collage based on original photography and scans – All characters from DEADWOOD are property of HBO Television Corp – Scans from Lib. of Congress & endangered species site

link to Talking Political set:

photography history
photography history

Living History
Went to Allison’s family reunion. Over hundreds of years of history in the room. It was a very nice day. More at

More at

photography history

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