Photography books that have helped.-photography


Photography books that have helped.
These are my photography books that I purchased some time back. All have been rather useful towards this hobby of mine.

I’m looking to purchase more of such books, have any to recommend?

Photo went through E-6 on C-41 cross processing.
Best viewed LARGE and on black.
Settings: Aperture: f/4.0, Exposure: 1/10, ISO100, EV -1 2/3

Equipment: Canon 40D + Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 T* Planar.
© Copyright Aaron Moraes. 2009. Some Rights Reserved.


Photography Desk
This is my wife’s solution to my accumulated photography "junk" which was cluttering up our den. She was a dedicated soul. She not only picked it out, but allowed me to make the final choice between different "acceptable" units. Then she sanded and painted it herself. It is a computer armoire from a local unfinished furniture company. See the notes for more info.

Strobist: Taken with my Nikon Coolpix 5700 so I could have my D80 with 70-200 VR in the shot. Nuked the scene with Sunpak 383 through satin umbrella against the camera at camera left– sorry, but I didn’t note the power. Fired w/GI radio trigger.

See some of my more interesting photos here:


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