Dev-Oh My Goddess!

Oh My Goddess!
Oh My Goddess!

Dev loved this shot so much she had to break it down for me:

"How do I love #37? Let me count the ways. First, if I’m looking not at myself, technically it’s a fabulous picture. It’s composed well, very even all the way around. The lighting is nice, kissing the hair, shoulders, and curve of lower back onto the rear. The only lighting need would be a tad more under the eyes/around the face focally. The focus is perfect, of course. It benefits from a busy background: this pose would not be half so dynamic if it was in a studio or on a solid background. The model: again, the pose is dynamic, but even, very full. Yes, she is nude, but it is not salacious. Enough to be intriguing, not rude. She is very comfortable; you can tell she is happy. The color, as I’m looking at it, is so warm. I almost don’t want to convert this one to B&W.

Personally? Looking at me? It’s such a reminder of coming full circle (and then some): being an artist’s model in college, feeling much more comfortable in my body than I have in a while. Working hard at regaining that comfort, both mentally and physically eating right and exercising. My hair, oh goddess above, if my hair could look like that all the time I’d be in heaven. You managed to catch my head dead straight so I don’t have the awful double chin that so many of my pictures have. It’s me as ME: not mom, which is what I am so many hours of my day. It’s who I was up until about 4 years ago. Not that I don’t adore my daughter but a woman loses a HUGE chunk of herself when she makes that commitment to mother. It’s even me not as wife. It’s me as Artemis, as Demeter, as Aphrodite.

And that smile! Two words: Mona Lisa.

I just adore it."

Thank you darling

Oh My Goddess!
Oh My Goddess!

whoa, check it out, not only am i HOME at 11 PM (my clock’s fast), but i’m about to go to bed. EAT THAT, overtime.

this morning frank actually got on his knees and started praising me as the sign goddess. at 16:15, though, i literally threw everything into its place and declared i quit. i’m leaving. that’s it. there wasn’t even any vacillating like last night/this morning. i had reached my breaking point and refused to work further.

we were supposed to drive to viewtown tonight, but i’m calling it a night and heading out super early tomorrow (in theory). east texas high school football here i come.

oh yeah, and my mom texted me asking if i wanted to go "clubbin" saturday night. tsk tsk, kids these days…

8/28/08 22:58

Oh My Goddess!
Oh My Goddess!

Mushroom Cheesy Tart
Mmm… this recipe is wonderful! The first time we made it, the amount of lemon juide was a little intense, so we cut it down and it turned out wonderful.

From: How to Be a Domestic Goddess – Oh, I’m working on it.

Oh My Goddess!

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