Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini-Panasonic


Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini
In recent years, Panasonic (the brand name of the huge Matsushita company) has gained a foothold in the digital compact camera market thanks to linking up with Leica for it’s highly regarded and cost-effective Lumix range. In the past, however, the company concentrated its efforts on larger "white goods" such as stereos and was not considered a leading camera brand. I have very little information on the little camera you see here. Basically all I can tell you is what it says on the box.

It’s a medium-spec autofocus compact that is very small and light. The lens is a 34mm f/3.5m which slides out and retracts electronically but has no zooming capability. Built-in flash has red-eye reduction and forced on/off modes. Takes 35mm DX-coded film. Requires a CR123A battery to function.

Made in Japan. Serial no. DA1460814. It’s from around 1991.

Bought for a pound, it’s nowhere near the top of the list of a cameras I wish to test, but I’d still rather use it than a Lomo!
UPDATE: This is apparently a better camera than I thought. It has a certain similarity to the Leica Mini II, which sells at a much higher price. It was also branded as the Minolta Freedom Escort and Minolta Riva Mini. I’m currently shooting a test roll with this (July 2009).
UPDATE 2: This camera is GREAT, with possibly the best sharpness and contrast I’ve yet had with a budget compact.

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Adverts for Panasonic new digital camera, Thailand, Dome Pakornlum and Ken Teeradej.
Photographed by Chen Povanont
Styled by Kampol Likitkanjanakul


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