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Hockey Jokes
Hockey Jokes

Hockey Sign
"Bäckis, Klipp Dig För Fan!" Admonition to Nicklas Bäckström to get his hair cut. Long-standing joke between me and my friend E. We held the sign up on the glass during warmup. Not sure if he saw it or not.

Hockey Jokes
Hockey Jokes

Hockey Practice Armstong Arena Ottawa4
Interesting story behind this set.

So Costco is having a charity Hockey event next weekend, my fellow buddy and I (we both work at Costco)deiced this would be a fun event to shoot and would offer a challenge. So while on break I hear about a practice last Sunday night after work. I talk to my buddy and we agree that it would be good to go and take some test shoots before the big event. Now I assumed that the Costco practice would be at the same arena as the game. (don’t assume anything LOL)

We head out to the arena after picking up our gear. When we get there there are no cars in the parking lot. We pop in to check and find out that the “practice” tonight is not at 9 but at 10. So we run to the bar and have a few to kill the hour.

Now we are back at the arena and there are a good number of cars. We grab our gear and head in. After snapping a few shots we realize that we are not recognizing anybody on the ice. We talk it over for a few mins and decided the hell with it we are here might as well shoot. The funny part is these guys were joking that there were scouts watching. I guess with an 80-200mm F2.8 on my buddies camera and a 70-300mm on mine we might have looked like scouts I guess.

Things I learned that night

Confirm location and Time before going to a event LOL
AF-C is your friend
Don’t forget about ISO (we both shot at 200 ISO and were bitching about slow shutter it was not till we left that Matt said we are both stupid LOL)

Hockey Jokes

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