9th Anniversary Present-silver wedding anniversary gift

silver wedding anniversary gift
silver wedding anniversary gift

9th Anniversary Present
Last month when we went to Tahoe to celebrate our anniversary my husband and I bought this ring. It’s a Herkimer Diamond set in silver. I’m wearing it as my wedding ring since I’ve knocked the diamonds out of my "real" wedding ring so many times.

silver wedding anniversary gift
silver wedding anniversary gift

A lot of thought and planning went into the 25th wedding anniversary/60th birthday I threw for my parents/dad.

I did all the invites, and included a blurb to please send me a favorite memory of my parents to include with a special gift. When the RSVPs started rolling in, so did the blank cards, only they weren’t blank anymore–they were filled with awesome memories of my parents. I compiled them into a scrapbook (a silver one, for their silver anniversary, of course!) and there were lovely, lovely memories, mostly of how my parents have given so much to their friends over the years. One of my favorites was someone recalled going to prom in my dad’s car.

There was the logistics of the party, the planning I did down to the very last detail. I let my parents handle the flowers and making of the favors (my dad’s homemade kolachkys). They were so unused to not having to do anything; it was nice to give back. Anna, Dan, Adam, B and I set up for the party. I could NOT have done the party without Anna and Dan. They were seriously AMAZING and handled all the behind-the-scenes when I couldn’t and kept everything running so smoothly through the whole party. Invaluable, I tell you.

Adam and I did all of the food for the event–we made sandwiches the night before and the day of the party everyone wanted to know who catered it. Ha! As if! I did cop out of making a replica wedding cake and instead got a cake from Sam’s Club for my dad’s birthday with a baby picture of him on it… his birthday table included scrapbooks from his life and also his old Navy uniform on display!

The party was a great success and I’m glad it’s over now, for sure. It was awesome; there are many more pics but for some reason my sister (who photographed it) won’t upload the pics to Flickr.

I even had my mom’s wedding dress on display. It was awesome.

silver wedding anniversary gift

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