Wedding Insurance-wedding insurance

wedding insurance
wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance
I saw this at M&S and wondered if the Wedding Insurance covers the case of a bride or groom running away? How long would it take them to get a replacement?

wedding insurance
wedding insurance

30th wedding anniversary montage
Today—on Paul McCartney’s 64th birthday—I thought about the 30 years I’ve been married to Judy. Like Paul, I’m sure I cannot believe it is here….

This August 5th we will be married 30 years.

And because I am no good at keeping secrets (or expensive pens)
I decided to share this image and the short poem I wrote for Judy…
(after all, I fear no Flickr-ite).

So here, my friends,
I share the joy with you…

=====a few lyrics for judith====

For 30 years you kicked me in the butt
—but only when I needed it—

You doctored me without a license
—but only when no one else could help—

You put up with my extremes
—you understood…and so you laughed—

you’re better’n Whole-Life (insurance) and Medicaid!
Hope you’ll still feed me
Hope you’ll still need me…
….When I’m 64+

ps. view large to see why I spent 4+ hours on this…

I chose to use the liquify filter a bit, because it reminded me of how time becomes so plastic in retrospect.

wedding insurance
wedding insurance

Buy our annulment insurance and save!
I love the theme wedding mural. It’s a chapel and costume shop, all in one! The Star Trek woman really made me laugh. If I’d been thinking, I would have knocked on the door and asked if they perform wedding ceremonies in Klingon. Twenty bucks says they do. Wait, make it fifty.

wedding insurance

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