Moggs – Still a turkey-boudoir photography galleries

boudoir photography galleries
boudoir photography galleries

Moggs – Still a turkey
After hearing about the limited time free turkey hat from Nimil, I – of course – had to login just to get one, despite the terrible ‘net speeds I’m experiencing of late. Yes, I look silly… but I love silliness 🙂

Pose by Alexx Markova (Rouge Boudoir Pose Packs or Body Reactions) OR by Long Awkward Pose – by the time I got to the pics I couldn’t remember which was which in terms of poses but either way they both do great pose sets.

LuNi sells specialist items that will be of particular interest to goths, horror fans, people with a black sense of humour, the undead of second life and those just looking for quirky stuff. There’s a gallery upstairs as well. Brain child of Nimil Blackflag and Lucas Gerard.

LuNi Designs SLURL (teleport there now) | LuNi Designs Update Blog | LuNi Designs Flickr Group | Nimil Blackflag on Flickr

WARNING: I am no artist. I’m simply a happy snapper (I’m just here to check out every one elses creative talents and have silly fun with my own snaps while doing so!). To see art check out my blog post Mind Blowing Art in SL (Plurkers told me so) or for some great images on flickr check out the SL Tourist Board (lots of great pictures get posted there) or any number of SL photography dedicated groups. Or if you want an artist consider visiting AM Radio, Seikatsu Koba; Gina Glimmer, Bunny Brickworks; Nate Ninetails; Nimil Blackflag; Petr Vanbeeck, Alexx Markova, Raul Crimson, Botgirl Questi, Codebastard Redgrave … and… and… and…

boudoir photography galleries

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