the costello twins-Wandering Son

Wandering Son
Wandering Son

the costello twins
Elvis Costello’s twin boys, Dexter and Frank, were supercute as tney wandered onstage dressed in tiny "Elvis Costello High Whines and Spirits" shirts, earmuffs and drumsticks. He said this was their first show and they came to see what daddy does at work. He sang them his new song, "My Three Sons", from his most recent album:

Day is dawning
Almost sounded like a warning
Wind was rushing through the trees almost roaring
I never thought that I’d become
The proud father of
My three sons

Here’s a fragment
Between the shame and the sentiment
For all the years that I might have been absent
I can’t do what can’t be undone
Oh no, my three sons

I love you more than I can say
What I give to one
The other cannot take away
I bless the day you came to be
With everything that is left to me

Here’s your pillow
Go to sleep and I will follow
May you never have any more sorrows
That’s not something you can count upon
Still I want it for my three sons
My my
My three sons

Deep in the night I turn cold and sick
But I only curse arithmetic
I bless the day that you came to be
With everything that is left to me

Day is closing
Old men and infants are dozing
That’s the kind of life I’ve chosen
Just see what I’ve become
The humble father of my three sons
The humbled father of my three sons

here are my HSB shots from the last 3 years, in order of "interestingness":…

Wandering Son
Wandering Son

Wandering stars
♫♪♫ Portishead – Wandering Stars

Algunes estrelles semblen llunes que il·luminen fermament la nostra nit i ens guien en una direcció que només elles coneixen. A Barcelona; 30 de desembre de 2007.

¿Què són fets els estels-oronells
despenjats cada dia?
En els ulls de les verges, estels.
Volves de zèfir
sonorants ones verdes:
la Primavera.
A aquella estrella nua tan a prop de la lluna
li servo un gran amor
car volia escapar-se i la vigilen molt.
(Fragment de Vibracions – Joan Salvat-Papasseït)

Wandering Son
Wandering Son

Team S visits HMAS Castlemaine
We wandered around the decomissioned Naval Corvette at Wiliamstown.

Wandering Son

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