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Wandering Son
Wandering Son

Wandering around early this morning with my dogs I saw this happy family in early morning light. I love these colours of nature.

Wandering Son
Wandering Son

JUSTIN MARTYR – Dialogue with Trypho
"Those who justify themselves, and call themselves sons of Abraham, shall be desirous even in a small degree to receive the inheritance along with you; as the Holy Spirit, by the mouth of Isaiah, cries, speaking so while he personates them:
"Return from heaven, and behold from the habitation of your holiness and glory.
Where is your zeal and strength?
Where is the multitude of your mercy?
For you have sustained us, O Lord.
For you are our Father, because Abraham is ignorant of us, and Israel has not recognised us.
But you, Lord, our Father, deliver us: from the beginning your name is upon us.
Lord, why have you made us to err from your way?
And hardened our hearts, so that we do not fear you?
Return for your servants’ sake, the tribes of your inheritance, that we may inherit for a little your holy mountain.
We were as from the beginning, when you did not bear rule over us, and when your name was not called upon us.
If you will open the heavens, trembling shall seize the mountains before you: and they shall be melted, as wax melts before the fire; and fire shall consume the adversaries, and your name shall be manifest among the adversaries; the nations shall be put into disorder before your face.
When you shall do glorious things, trembling shall seize the mountains before you.
From the beginning we have not heard, nor have our eyes seen a God besides you: and your works, the mercy which you shall show to those who repent.
He shall meet those who do righteousness, and they shall remember your ways.
Behold, you are angry, and we were sinning.
Therefore we have erred and become all unclean, and all our righteousness is as the rags of a woman set apart: and we have faded away like leaves by reason of our iniquities; so the wind will take us away.
And there is none who calls upon your name, or remembers to take hold of you; for you have turned away your face from us, and have given us up on account of our sins.
And now return, O Lord, for we are all your people.
The city of your holiness has become desolate.
Zion has become as a wilderness, Jerusalem a curse; the house, our holiness, and the glory which our fathers blessed, has been burned with fire; and all the glorious nations have fallen along with it.
And in addition to these misfortunes, O Lord, you have refrained yourself, and are silent, and have humbled us very much.’"
And Trypho remarked, "What is this you say, that none of us shall inherit anything on the holy mountain of God?"

Wandering Son

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